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Agile Electric: Quality Issues in a Global Supply Chain


Words: 514 (3 pages)

If OEM decides to make a complete recall, the associated costs would be charged to the tiered suppliers; especially a higher potion on Automek and then Agile. Automek takes the risks on Agile, the manufacturer has no previous experience on producing this critical part, with the major purpose of reducing the cost. Moreover, it was…

Investigating Price Changes Portfolio Project


Words: 1063 (5 pages)

Economics Unit 2: How Markets Work Investigating Price Changes Portfolio Project Part 1: Chapter 6 Wall Street Journal Questions 1) Why are sports teams considering switching to a variable–pricing strategy for tickets? Sports teams are switching to a variable-pricing strategy for tickets so that they can get a higher profit on games with record attendance…

Chipotle Isn’t That Worried About the Avocado Supply


Words: 480 (2 pages)

But the recent commotion, the chain said, is much ado about nothing. Asked if the gaga threat is real, Chipolata spokeswoman Danville Winslow said in an e-mail: “I wouldn’t read too much into this. It’s routine ‘risk factor’ disclosure,” the sort of thing public companies are required to disclose to investors. An ordinary increase in…

Demand and Supply of Fast Food Industry Analysis


Words: 954 (4 pages)

3. Demand and Price Elasticity It is important to understand how price changes affect the demand of fast food especially for firm like McDonald that operates in a Monopolistic Market. When McDonalds offers its discounted Value Meal during lunch and dinner hours, the demand for McDonald’s products will increase. According to the law of demand,…

Demand and Supply


Words: 810 (4 pages)

INTRODUCTION In this assessment report I’m going to uses demands and supply principles to analyses the fruit and vegetable price soured that was caused by the floods. The heavy rainfall and flooding began to threaten Queensland in the early 2011, cyclone called Ways made the fooling even more badly in north Queensland coast. This heavy…

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