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Essays about Third World

Third World countries

Third World countries are most often defined by political, economical or social differences. Countries that are poorer than some thresholds are considered to be Third World countries. The Third World is made up of countries often characterized by poverty, high birthrates, and dependence on more advanced countries. Women in third world countries are viewed as …

Encountering Development: the Making and Unmaking of the Third World

In Encountering Development, Escobar’s intention is to rethink the entire notion of development by approaching the subject via deconstruction, prejudicial detachment, and the contextualization of development as a hegemonic all-encompassing cultural space. Relying heavily on “Foucault’s work on the dynamics of discourse and power in the representation of social reality,” Escobar compares his conception of …

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Third World

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First World vs. Third World

First World vs. Third World The phrase “First World” (e.g. member states of the NATO) refers to countries which are democratic, have an advanced economy and technology, great influence on the world and highest standards of living. Where as the term “Third World” which was originally coined to refer to countries which neither aligned with …

Is the Third World Immigration a Threat to American way of life?

Is the Third World Immigration a Threat to American way of life? Immigration is an act referring to a movement or permanent shifting of a person, mostly along with their families, to another country. Reasons behind this act vary along a general pattern because people migrating to another country either because they want to run …

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