Is the Third World Immigration a Threat to American way of life?

Immigration is an act referring to a movement or permanent shifting of a person, mostly along with their families, to another country. Reasons behind this act vary along a general pattern because people migrating to another country either because they want to run away or to look for a better way of life that they were previously used to. Whatever the reason maybe it’s a very common phenomena and like other things it affects the society and helps it to mould and shape.

United States of America is a country which accepts the most immigrants in the world. People coming to live in U.S are usually from third world countries looking for employment, money and a better way of life.

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The impact of migration on a society cannot be ignored especially in a country like U.S. which has the highest percentage of immigrants. Like everything else this phenomenon also has some pros and cons which have to be carefully analyzed.

According to my view point the impact of this immigration is more positive bringing about a constructive change which benefits the Americans by bringing about the advantages of the multicultural society and that the tension between different ethnic groups is dispersed. U.S is referred to as “The Land of Opportunities” and “The Land of Milk and Honey” a prime target for people looking for a better way to live and thus are willing to move to a new country to achieve it. These people bring their cultural, ethics, and values and norms with them and so after the gradual settling down period a mixture of these values are incorporated and then gradually it is enfolded in the country’s culture.

This multicultural aspect is preferred in the organizations as the new people from new countries can and do bring new things or procedures in the company which would be helpful for the organization in short and long term. This immigration factor has got many other benefits like improving the employment and wage rate and thus improving the economy of the region and country. Also having multicultural people in the society helps to understand the culture of other countries across the globe.  Generally speaking the culture of America is composed on the basis of different groups, cultures, races, religion, attitudes, thoughts etc. which welcomes the concept of immigration

However along with its numerous advantages the disadvantages have to be highlighted as well.  But the analysis of immigration is dependent on the perception of common people. Where some see it as a nuance others see it as a chance and a golden opportunity. However historically proven fact is that due to immigration countless families have been affected in a good and positive manner and then the technological advancement has been made is because of the this..


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