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Essay about the International Maritime Organization


Words: 2025 (9 pages)

                                                                       Maritime Trade Introduction.             Transportation is a key element for the development of an economy. Nations produce goods and services of different nature and there is need to export excess goods and services for them to acquire the goods and services they do not have. This is process of international trade and it involves…

The Fake Trade Analysis


Words: 381 (2 pages)

In the “The Fake Trade” Dana Thomas makes a direct statement, “Most important, we need to spread the word on the devastating effects counterfeiting has on society today. ” She also goes on to say, “But the reality is that we’re all victims of counterfeiting, whether from the loss of jobs or of tax revenue…

Concept of The Jack of All Trades


Words: 340 (2 pages)

The Jack of All Trades is a master at none, so as they say. However, it may be more fitting to claim that these people who can perform a lot of things can survive in a world in flux. I believe this claim, so to speak. It is quite simple: a person who knows a…

Switching Spots With Mother


Words: 530 (3 pages)

What if you could switch places with one adult in your life? What if you could someone else for a day? If I could trade places with one adult in my life for a day, I would trade with my mother. I am curious about what her life is like and of her lifelong experiences….

Nab’s Rouge Trader


Words: 1111 (5 pages)

Abstract National Australia Bank’s (NAB) foreign currency options desk is located in Melbourne. Its senior staff members were found guilty of unprincipled practices causing $350 million in losses in one year, which led to the imprisonment of a few senior traders due to securities violations. Several executives, including the chief executive and chairman, lost their…

Role of Sea Freight in the Turkey-Europe Oil Trade


Words: 15856 (64 pages)

Abstract             Turkey, a Middle East country in the middle of the Mediterranean and Central Asia, is a subject of envy in the region due to its favourable strategic geographical position.  It is through this position that Turkey was able to improve their economic status.  Despite being short of oil reserves compared to other Middle…

DBQ: Swahili Vs. Hansa


Words: 1478 (6 pages)

Trading during the Post-classical era from 1000-1450 C. E. were what the many civilizations at that time heavily relied on, it had flourished and arouse to the point where many alliances were created. Many big cities were most notably successful in their trading and alliances. Smaller cities were also able to succeed by having alliance…

Antitrust: Cartel and Federal Trade Commission


Words: 1198 (5 pages)

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to discuss antitrust law with regard to federal regulations. In the form of a case study, this paper will examine the legal obstacles faced by the merger proposal between US Airways Group Inc. and American Airlines’ parent corporation AMR. The focus of the paper is to examine the…

Selecting Trade Banker Sample: Technon International


Words: 919 (4 pages)

Technon International is a Canadian high-technology development house. focused on emerging engineerings in radio communications. Technon beginnings constituents in China and has offshore programming activities in India covering certain functionality in its new wrist watch PDA with MP3 and cellular capablenesss. Technon has several Canadian and international patents to protect its proprietary engineering. and has…

Case Study: Ameritrade


Words: 1163 (5 pages)

Executive Summary: In mid-1997 Joe Ricketts the Chairman and CEO of Ameritrade, decided that Ameritrade’s new mission would be to become “the largest brokerage firm worldwide based on the number of trades. ” In order to accomplish this mission Ameritrade would need to invest significantly in technology and advertising. This strategy would require large expenditures…

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