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Business Trade Assignment

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The case also has shown the importance of how the company’s business policy and business strategy can be used to transform a company reliable and viable to its clients even though if it has to control its cost structure. Case Discussion Questions .

How have E*TRADE’s business model and business level strategies changed overtime? The E*TRADE business model was created to take advantages offered by Internet to overcame barriers to entry and to make possible a new business compete with large and established companies.

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Business Trade Assignment
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To do so, the company business model was based on its business level strategies that have followed two concepts of the costumers needs: price and quality. The E*TRADE business strategies came up with a new software and hardware that made possible the customers make their own trade with a low costs and high quality.

The changed overtime of E*TRADE business model and business strategies started when the company came under pressure of a new generation of online brokerage houses.

Those new companies began offered the same services for as low as 50% of E*TRADE’s services. The new strategy had to be taken and E*TRADE started a new differentiation appeal to its costumers offering a new software and hardware even easier to be used for the same price. 2. What is happening in the stockbroker industry today? How has E*TRADE been altering its business model and strategies to compete?

The today’s dockworker industry is passing by a general process of differentiation. The pressure that suffered E*TRADE in 1999 by new companies offering low-cost products, has occurred in the market daily bases. The Internet has offered the instrument of agility, quality and price. Today’s companies have found a much more difficult and competitive market that can provide clients with a possibility to search and choose for companies offering the same products for low costs. However, even with the equality of possibilities offered by Internet, E*TRADE has fond a way to keep itself on the top of the brokerage business.

The company as worked in its business model and strategies by introducing new products such as: a new software and hardware that make its services easier and more reliable providing access to real-time stock quotes, more financial research tools and information about specific companies and the opportunity to invest in initial public offering of shares from new companies. Also, the initiative of E*TRADE to introduce an online bank (TELLTALE), has provided to its costumers online banking services. In addition it took a variety of insurance and financial service companies to offer a financial service line to its costumers.

The costumers feeling of been working with a reliable company has kept the fidelity of its clients who prefer not to switch to new low-costs companies because they “perceived that they were receiving extra value in terms of service and reliability”. E*TRADE business model and business strategy could create a competitive advantage of differentiation with its new products and services. The company has introduced a concept that has been passed to other companies: “They must find a differentiation advantage to be viable, even though if they have to control their cost structure”.

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