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Military Benefits of Veterans



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    Military Benefits of Veterans


                The newly established administration inherited two wars from the outgoing presidency of George Bush. The wars are the battle in Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States have a rich war history. They were engage in most of the world wars and conflicts with other nations. They have an essential participation in two world wars and the cold war with Union Soviet of Socialist Russia.

                Wars trained most of our men in fight and hone their capabilities and abilities for battle. Men are sent in the war to defend the country and the people. They have served a lot and sacrificed a lot for the preservation of the country’s integrity. In gratitude, we treat them with great respect and honor for their significant contribution and the things that they have done for the nation and its people. We even commemorate them during Veterans’ Day and recount their essential participation and contribution in the war and achieving peace and liberty.

                Every man’s battle will come to an end. There will come a time when they can no longer fight maybe because of age or incapability. The men who used to fight for us in war and now out of service are called veterans. They are living evidence of triumph and losses and should only be treated with due respect. Our veterans needed support in exchange of their sacrifices. The state extended benefits to the army personnel that are out of service or the veteran to help them the way they have helped the country.

                It is important that the veterans receive the benefits that they are entitled to and how greatly these benefits affect their lives in many aspects such as health, education and training and living or pension.


    The term is popular for its definition of a person who was working in the military (“Veteran”, 2009). They refer to the personnel of the armed forces that are out of service or retired. It may also refer to a person who has a long experience or service on a particular job or position in order for him to gain expertise. This definition pertains to the person who has acquired superior knowledge and experience in a particular field of expertise or craft.

    Source: Fedorchenko, V. (2003). Vladisvostok News. Vladivostok Novosti, Ltd.

                The term is popularly associated with the military as referring to former personnel of the armed forces. A veteran is a person who has served the armed forces and mostly applied to those who devoted their entire career like for those who have served a decade or more in service.

                A veteran is someone who has acquired eligible war service (Creyke, Sutherland & Ridge, 2000). Some held misconception on veterans, one of the most common misconceptions is that one should have gone to war or have retired in active duty in order to be called a military veteran. Due to this misconception, the women deny their significant participation in veteran groups or applied for military benefits. Many women thought that those who have helped in war and battle were the ones entitled to the benefits.

                The veterans, especially the military veterans, are important people in our society. They have helped us established the leadership we have now and protect the country against its foes. They shower us with knowledge on the war through their stories and experiences. The veterans are the trophies of the wars that have been won and the living proof of courage and integrity.

    That is the reason why we are celebrating the Veterans’ Day in honoring those who have served the country and those who willingly leave their jobs and families to fight in foreign lands. It is a way of honoring them and thanking them.

    Source: Veterans Day. (2003, November 11). Cox and Forkum.

                Being engaged in warfare is not an easy job. You will be taken away from your family and friends and be sent on a foreign land where you may die. In return of the sacrifices of the veterans, the United States developed a department that will take care of everything that a veteran needs; it is called the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The department took care and facilitate of all the benefits that the veterans are entitled to. It regulates the people who are entitled for the benefits through series of guidelines and qualifications. The department aims to provide quality and prompt service to veterans. Currently, the department is serving 25 million veterans and 70 million of nation’s population is receiving VA benefits because they are family members or survivors of a veteran (United States Department of Veterans Affairs, 2008).

    Veterans’ Benefits

                It is the former US president Abraham Lincoln that addressed the importance of people who rendered service for the protection of the country and its people. In one of his speeches, he mentioned the significance of the veterans in the society. He started the good treatment for the veterans, his widow and orphans. Because of this many veteran organizations have emerged.

    But veterans sometimes cause turbulence and instability. The treatment for the veterans changed after the First World War and it caused discontentment to the veterans and create factions and organize groups through their connection to the army. This caused instability to one’s country. A veterans’ movement is one of the important protests during the Great Depression.

                Now, each state of the United States renders state-specific benefits. This enables the veterans to live a normal life after their service. Military veterans are qualified to receive benefits in exchange of their hardwork and courage during the times that we need defenders of our land.

                But how do our veterans received their military benefits, especially in the aspect of health care, education and loans? The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering the veterans a number of programs that are rendering financial, medical and other assistance to the veterans. The VA is offering four major benefit programs to Americans who received an honorable or general discharge. The four major benefit programs include disability compensation, veteran’s pension programs, free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities and education programs ( Benefits, 2009).

    The graph below is the detailed list of the Americans who joined the rich war history of the United States since the birth of its independence on July 4, 1776. More than 42 million men and women served the country during our wars.

    Battle Deaths
    Other Deaths
    American Revolution
    1775 – 1783
    War of 1812
    1812 – 1815
    Indian Wars
    1817 – 1898
    Mexican War
    1846 – 1848
    Civil War (North)
    1861 – 1865
    Civil War (South)

    Spanish-American War
    1898 – 1902
    World War I
    1917 – 1918
    World War II
    1940 – 1945
    Korean War
    1950 – 1953
    Vietnam War
    1964 – 1975
    Gulf War
    1990 – 1991

    The above data is not the sum of people helped by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA also includes the family members and survivors of the veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs is prescribing some qualifications for the veterans in order to avail or be enrolled in their Medical Benefits Package. These guidelines determine if the veteran are qualified in receiving medical attention in the VA’s hospital. VA offers a Medical Benefits Package which is a health benefits plan available to all the enrolled veterans. The Medical Benefits Package offers a full range of outpatient and inpatient services in the VA health care system. It greatly emphasizes on the preventive primary care (United States Department of Veterans Affairs, 2008).

    Source: Department of Veterans Affairs. (2008). Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents.

    The law prescribes that the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide the eligible veterans the “needed” hospital care and outpatient services. These needed services are services that will promote, preserve and restore the health of the patient which includes treatment, services, procedure and medicinal supplies. The need is based on the judgment of the health care provider ( Benefits, 2009).

    The Department of Veterans Affairs set out some guidelines in the eligibility of the veterans in availing the Medical Benefits Package. The package is not only for active military members but also for discharged other than dishonorable conditions. The VA’s medical benefits package do not also serve for men but also give a wide array of medical benefits to women veterans (United States Department of Veterans Affairs, 2008).

    One of the education programs offered for the veterans is the GI Bill. It is one of the education benefits earned during Active Duty. It is deigned to help the service members and eligible veterans in covering the costs in getting education and training. The GI Bill also has several programs to which it is administered differently that largely depend on the person’s eligibility and duty status ( Benefits, 2009). This particular education program is fit for all types of service members. The GI Bill enumerates various programs for different people.

    Source: CSC and Associates, LLC. (2008).

    The veterans are also entitled on a pension after retirement. Some of the veterans left their day jobs and drafted in war. They were unable to gain much in their day jobs and earn very little after they came back from the war.

    A veteran with very limited income and unable to work may apply for Veterans Disability Pension or the Veterans 65 or older. There are a number of wartime veterans with limited income that are completely unaware of their eligibility in the Pension programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs ( Benefits, 2009).

    The VA is also offering monthly benefits for those veterans who have injuries and diseases acquired during active duty or active military service. The assistance is ranging from $123- $3100 and tax-free ( Benefits, 2009).

    All of the programs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs are only for those who qualify to the requirements and be eligible on the program. This is to limit and control of the number of veterans availing the programs.


                The veterans are important in the society for their unparalleled service in defending the country and the people. It is only rights to give the veterans due respect and gratitude for their sacrifices during the war.

                The veterans are entitled to benefits in return of their service. The government is offering various programs and benefits to our veterans to aid them in their old age especially in the important aspects of life such as education, health and pension. Most of the veterans need help in these aspects. Out of gratitude, we extend our help to those who helped us in the times of need.


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