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Integrated Project


Chemical Reaction





Waste Management

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INTRODUCTION Vitamin C is a product that is usually found in many foods and produced by an abundance of chemical companies as dietary supplements. This vitamin is essential to the scurvy patients and used abundantly in cosmetic company due to its antioxidant properties. In the terms of its production, the fact that vitamin C has…

The Green Industrial Concept

Human Impact On The Environment


Natural Environment




Waste Management

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SHIPWRECKING AND RECYCLING POLICY Ship Recycling is a very innovative concept where everything used onboard a ship will be reused after its life span. It is also known as Green Industrial concept towards energy and resources conservation. Based on this concept, there introduced “Green Passport” theory for ships. What is Ship Recycling: Ships usually has…

Strategic analysis of Atkins PLC


Mergers and acquisitions

Social responsibility

Strategic Management

Strategic Planning

Swot Analysis

Waste Management

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I.                               Introduction Since 1980s we witness a fast growing technology in communications and internet, which favors the birth of a new model of the world’s economy: borderless economy. The jargon refers to the existence of cross-nations or even cross-continents trade and commerce. In internet era where any type of business made available, companies should remember…

Sustainable Development: Landfill and Types of Waste

Human Impact On The Environment

Natural Environment



Sustainable Development


Waste Management

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Landfill ReportIntroduction The world has now woken up to the need of environment protection. Waste management and landfill of waste are being given due consideration to save the environment from further degradation. Good recycling and composting procedure are very essential for the effective waste management. There are two types of wastes, i.e. organic waste and residual…

Assignment for English for Business







Waste Management

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The company P. Square (Protect and Preserve) was established on 16 Me 2005 by Mr.. James Albert and his partner Mr.. Anthony. Initially, P. Square started it operations as one of the company selling electrical appliances and it started to operate in Japan. It was their headquarter office when they started to begin their operations….

Assignment Sample of Financial Statement Audits





Waste Management

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The group’s main divisions are utilities, cement manufacturing, construction contracting, operation & maintenance activities, property development and investment, hotel development and management, IT and E-commerce initiatives, operating mainly in Malaysia, United Kingdom and Singapore (YET, 2013). YET also provides carbon consulting service through Clean Development Mechanism (YET, 2012). The company is expanding its Real Estate…

Technical issues of organic material

Environmental Issues

Human Impact On The Environment

Natural Environment



Waste Management

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Kathmandu, the capital metropolis of Nepal is overcrowded. Large inflow of people, migrating to metropolis can be seen, mundane. Reason might be different, but all want to settle at that place, doing force per unit area on the vale ‘s already weakened substructure and to run into their demand the haphazardly reinforced metropolis is even…

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What is waste management in simple words?
Waste management refers collectively to the collection, transportation, handling and disposal process of dealing with removal of human waste. Waste management, generally, covers all aspects of human waste including waste reduction.
Why is waste management important?
Waste management is important as it saves the environment from the toxic effects of inorganic and biodegradable element present in waste. Mismanagement of waste can cause water contamination, soil erosion and air contamination. Waste can be recycled if collected and managed efficiently.

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