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Assignment for English for Business

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    The company P. Square (Protect and Preserve) was established on 16 Me 2005 by Mr.. James Albert and his partner Mr.. Anthony. Initially, P. Square started it operations as one of the company selling electrical appliances and it started to operate in Japan. It was their headquarter office when they started to begin their operations. Mr.. James Albert had the idea to establish an electrical appliances company because of his interest in repairing electrical appliances and to innovate new electrical appliances and he also furthered his studies in Electrical

    Engineering before he started to work in an electrical appliances manufacturing firm for about 5 years before started to operate his first electrical appliances shop. His parent’s was his great inspiration when he decided to come up with the idea to indulge in a business. They supported him financially when he comes up with that idea. Previously, P. Square was just a normal electrical business. As the business growth was rapidly increasing, the founder decided to specialist in one product which was the environmental friendly air conditioners.

    He came across this idea because he wanted to support a green environment, and thus he carried UT some innovations on the products to support the CEO – environmental friendly environment. P. Square developed the hybrid hydraulic systems using technology from their Air Conditioning division. Facing the global demands on CO reductions and the serious energy issues facing the world, this product aims to reduce energy consumption in the environment. In, 201(Yes P. Square started to open more outlets in China, United States and also export their products to other countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

    P. Square’s first outlet in Malaysia was established in Koala Lump. The first outlet in Koala Lump has attracted more than 3000 customers and their feedback was overwhelming and they also started to expand their business to other states like Appear, and also Penman. Today, P. Square has about 120 outlets around the world and provides a better quality air-conditioner to the society. P. Square have about 2000 employees working under them. In 10 years’ time achievement, P. Square has won a World Trusted Brand Award in year 2014.

    VISION Our vision is to open out 200 outlets around the world by year 2020 and to become a top leading company within the industry MISSION STATEMENT’S P. Square’s main mission is to create innovative products to the customers to fulfill the needs of society and to create an CEO-environmental friendly world To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best value for customers. P. Square’s standard mission is to “Be the best in the eyes our customers, employees and shareholders”.

    BOARD OF DIRECTORS A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to the 2015 edition of “P. Square” newsletter. In this edition, you will find out the latest information about our company between these years. P. Square was established in 2005 by James Albert and his partner Anthony with the idea of operating an electrical appliances company and soon develop their business successfully within 5 years of great effort. Finally, P. Square transformed their company position into an CEO-friendly company to correspond to the trend of environmental protection and greening.

    As a result of high technological and innovative productions, it makes the company’s green product category wins Prestigious Award because of the L WI Gas Cooker, which achieved high energy savings gas of up to an astounding 30%. Currently, we gaslight our “Go Green” project to stabilize our reputation of an environment- friendly electrical company in Malaysia. The specific characteristic of our company is that we put in effort of saving our environment by running our business instead of earning profit realistically.

    In this project we announced an idea of labeling all of our CEO-friendly products with a sign of “G” which means “GREEN” to remind our potential consumer to put the environmental factors into purchasing consideration. Creating a new product always helps company to extend the product life cycle. Our company is going to launch a brand new reduce which named “Kinetic-Power-Bank”. We are thrilled to promote this new high-technology and totally new idea into the market because it is so convenience and practical for modern people who are using electronic products.

    Secondly, we will also held an annual dinner to boost the staff strive for our company. Lastly, thanks everyone who keeps supporting our company since the year we establish our firms. We may not have such a great achievement today without your fully endorsement. We are here to promise that our company will get more and better and approaching to our vision to become a leading company thin industries in Malaysia. FUTURE EVENTS – Kinetic Power Bank On 15 March 201 5, a launching ceremony of our new product “Kinetic Power Bank” will be held at the Grand Kampala Hotel.

    In accordance with the objectives of our company, P square, that innovates a new go green concept of electronic appliances that can reduce the harmful effects to the environment (two sentences). Our company is planning to launch a brand new concept of power bank with a totally fresh idea to the public. This Kinetic Power Bank will be a kind of power bank that harnesses the kinetic energy to generate into the electrical energy. Kinetic energy is a type of energy transformed from any motion, such as walking, running or even driving, into the electrical energy.

    Full power will be saved inside this power bank from the walking of 12000 steps or running of 30 minutes. This power bank will be having a light and its small size with only 1 go which can be brought to anywhere. The launching ceremony of Kinetic Power Bank is going to be held from pm till 1 1 pm at night on 15 March 2015. We will invite all the senior executives of our company, board of directors, president, government representative and also Edie as the guests of our launching ceremony. We will start the ceremony with the welcome speech from our CEO, Mr..

    James Albert, to the guests. Introducing the brand new power bank to the public will be our main purpose of holding this launching ceremony. Thus, our senior manager from Marketing department, Mr.. Anthony will explain every features and functions of this power bank to the guests so that everyone will fully understand the whole concept of this new product by playing a video and also slideshows. Lastly, we will end our launching ceremony with the Q section. All the guests will be given the chances to raise any queries to Mr..

    Anthony about the product, “Kinetic Power Bank”, which the session is expected to be last for 30 minutes. FUTURE EVENTS- Annual Dinner “Employees are always the golden resources for a successful company”. In accordance with this quote, P. Square will be organizing an annual dinner for their employees. This year, as usual, the annual dinner will be held on the coming 30 November 2015, at the Kina River Front Hotel. The objective of organizing the annual dinner will be to appreciate the contribution of the staff of P. Square Company.

    We would like to thank all employees who have made the company a success. Besides, organizing this annual dinner will also foster the relationship between staff and managers by removing any estrangement between them. Our company clearly understands that employees are the main resources for the company, and without them, the company would be nothing even they have good leadership managers. We shall always fully appreciate all the contribution of the staff and hence the annual dinner will be organized for the appreciation of their hard works. On 30 November 2015, the annual dinner will start at pm.

    All the employees will be allowed to attend the annual dinner along with their spouse. The annual dinner of our company for this year is going to be themed as “The Glorious Night”, which will bring a meaning that the contribution of employees are the glories for our company. At pm sharp, the annual dinner will be started with the cocktail party. Then around pm, all the guests will be served into the hall and be seated. Our CEO, Mr. James Albert, will give a motivation speech to further inspire the employees and also show esteem to them for their hard works all the years.

    Several international standard performances will also be arranged on that night such as piano performance, opera, and also magic performance by famous artists. Other than these, a reward session will also be arranged. At that time, Mr. James Albert will bestow some of the outstanding performance employees in each department. This session will be arranged in order to show appreciation for their contribution that make our company more successful, and even to motivate all the other employees to work even harder to get such rewards and honors. PRESENT EVENT P.

    Square realizes that the environment is getting worse and worse due to he significant increase in consumption of energy. Currently, P. Square is implementing a “Go GREEN” project which is a project that aims to persuade people in the society to protect our earth and environment by avoiding pollution, encouraging recycling and reduce consumption of energy and carbon. By implementing “Go Green” project, our products that label a ‘G’ marks which means that there are GREEN product which either have the function to save electricity or to reduce pollution. P.

    Square believes that the concept of protecting environment should be nurture from childhood. One of the activities n “Go GREEN” project is to have a visit to primary and secondary schools and even universities to impart the knowledge about the importance of protecting earth and environment. P. Square is giving a speech about the ways to reduce consumption of energy and the consequences when societies neglect to taking care the earth and environment. Besides, P. Square is implementing ‘trade in’ transaction which is included in the “Go GREEN” project.

    Any of the old products even its a damage products, as long as customers buy from P. Square, and can be trade in when customers buying new product at P. Square. The ‘trade in’ transaction not only allows customers to purchase at lower price but also to sustain recycle and reduce indiscriminate disposal of electronic devices. It is also a win-win situation for environment and customers. Furthermore, P. Square is organizing a visit to First Solar Malaysia Sad. Bad which is the world’s premier provider of fully integrated solar solutions for employees to observe how this company really operates.

    This activity not only helps the employees to gain some idea about technique to reduce wastage, emission and water in operation and also can enhance their creativity to help P. Square to move towards innovations by using GREEN concept. PAST EVENTS STAFF TRAINING PROGRAM Staff training program was also an ongoing staff development program for all staff in our company. All new staff and veteran staff in company were involved in this program. Staff training program was conducted for about 4 days, from 28 March 2014 to 31 March 2014.

    Staff training program was conducted by our Human Resources department and it was held at our company’s research center. Staff training program helps to build employees’ self-esteem, motivate employees, boosts their creativity on tasks, reduce employee turnover as well as increase efficiency resulting in financial gains. By developing knowledgeable, efficient and effective staff, the productivity will increase and by having all of the employees attending the same training session, our company consulting cost will be reduced.

    We had Instructor-Led Training, motivation speech as well as presentation conducted by knowledgeable and experienced communicators to demonstrate and apply teaching points to create greater understanding and knowledge of the relevant departments. Some general information trainings were assigned to every employee on the training matrix. Throughout this program, trainings were separated into soft and hard skill categories. Soft skills are trainings on topics such as customer service, policies, harassment, diversity, safety and other general information trainings.

    On the other hand, hard skills are those used to complete a specific task, such as machine operation or specific job procedures. We monitored the training program by obtaining employee feedback and compare the statistics between the departments after the training. This training session was conducted successfully. COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT ‘THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY’ We are also a part of community, and we are committed to supporting go green and help the environment wherever we do business. We have an active role in the present and future environmental, economy and social sustainability developments.

    Therefore, our company Corporate Social Responsibilities department had launched a community service project with a series of activities regarding of environmental on Earth day, 22 April 2014, which was celebrated worldwide to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. Our ongoing green community service project with the slogan of ‘Think globally, Act coolly’ was carried out at Reliance college, from am to pm. Our company has collaborated with the students from faculty of engineering and green technology to carry out the activities.

    Students and teachers joined and participated themselves actively in our events. The awareness of the importance of the preservation of the environment continues to grow, many companies are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, therefore we implemented our community service project not only with the aim to provide our company bottom line cost savings and achieving a competitive advantage in the marketplace, e were also taking this opportunity to promote our company and help our company to build a green image.

    On that day we hosted recycling fair, planting trees and held an invention contest with entries made out of recycled goods. Besides, we also conducted an Expo Fair to promote our company environmentally friendly products which meet consumers’ needs nowadays. This project was carried out successfully and we had received great responses from the public and this is a huge motivation for us to keep our effort going in order to better our company in future.

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