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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the diminishing figure of giants and the grounds why they are hunted down. Cardinal Idea: Giants are worsening in Numberss as there are commercial grounds that explain why they are hunted down: their blubber. meat and castanetss. Introduction I. ‘Whale Wars’ . A. Ever heard of it? B….

Animals Testing ExtinctionHabitat Loss and Mass Hu

Animal Testing


Words: 981 (4 pages)

ntingAnimals: Testing , Extinction, Habitat Loss, and Mass HuntingWe, as humans, mistreat the animal population. On a smaller scale, the human population wastes domestic and wild, animals for medical testing, for their fur, and for entertainment such as dog fighting. These things may not seem to be globally threatening, yet the constant waste of certain…

Native Indian and Whale Hunting Tradition



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The Makah are a Native Indian tribe who have recently decided to enact their treaty rights, and start to hunt for whales. These actions have caused an uproar in North America. The Natives state that they are not doing anything but exercising their legal rights. Opponents to their hunting of whales argue that the Makah…

Frequently Asked Questions about Whaling

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What are the reasons for whaling?
Over a thousand whales are killed each year for their meat and body parts to be sold for commercial gain. Their oil, blubber, and cartilage are used in pharmaceuticals and health supplements. Whale meat is even used in pet food, or served to tourists as a 'traditional dish'.
What is the problem with whaling?
The problem of whaling can be interpreted in many different ways, but the most typical objections of the anti-whaling community are that whales must not be caught because they are in danger of extinction; whales must not be killed because they are special (highly intelligent) animals; resumption of whaling would ...
What is whaling and why is it important?
Whaling is the process of hunting of whales for their usable products such as meat and blubber, which can be turned into a type of oil that became increasingly important in the Industrial Revolution.
Why should we stop whaling?
Whaling could have more impact on populations than sheer numbers. A pod of beaked whales rest in the warm waters of the equator. 4) Whales are necessary for healthy oceans, mixing, distributing nutrients and helping deal with the impacts of climate change. 5) Whales are full of persistent toxins, like mercury and PCBs.

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