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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the diminishing figure of giants and the grounds why they are hunted down. Cardinal Idea: Giants are worsening in Numberss as there are commercial grounds that explain why they are hunted down: their blubber. meat and castanetss.


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I. ‘Whale Wars’ . A. Ever heard of it? B. If you haven’t. it is a documental about a group of really courageous and concerned environmentalists called ‘The Sea Shepherd’ who literally have wars with a Nipponese whaling ship. C. But why do they make it? Why do they set themselves in danger to contend against a mammoth ship equipped with harpoons when all they have are gas grenades?

II. Their concern is towards the violent death of giants at a big graduated table by the Nipponese ship called ‘Nishin-Maru’ . A. The Nipponese managed to win ballots at the 2006 IWC conference declaring the Moratorium on Commercial Whaling unneeded and blamed the giants for consuming fish stock. B. Following their win. they have expanded their whaling attempts to kill in the Atlantic. duplicating their normal putting to deaths.

III. From the chance that I have gained by watching this docudrama and small research that I have done. I was able to see clearly how much harm that we worlds have caused.

IV. Today. I would wish for all of you to state the same one time you have seen the Numberss of giants that are worsening and why they are hunted down. ( Passage: I would wish to get down with the ruin of these mighty giants )


I. Whales continue to worsen in Numberss and there are grounds why they are hunted down. A. The Nipponese exploits a loophole in the International Whaling Commission ( IWC ) 1. Despite the censoring whaling. they have killed more than 17. 000 giants for their so called ‘scientific research’ . a. What were one time 220. 000 of them. the figure of Blue Whales has now been reduced to merely 3000 worldwide. B. The common species of Minke Whales being the smallest of all sort were targeted merely after the larger species became rare are estimated about 250. 000 left world-wide despite Nipponese claims of near to a million.

B. Whales continue to be killed mostly for their blubber. meat and castanetss to fulfill human desires. 1. This includes whale oil. which is obtained from the blubber used as a inexpensive illuminate. giving off a strong smell when burnt and was hence replaced with cheaper. efficient kerosine. a. However. whale oil is still extracted by the Intuits’ of North America as they are granted particular whaling rights by IWC. b. Whale oil is besides used to do oleo and in autos as an automatic transmittal fluid until it was banned by Endangered Species Act. 2. Whale meat is besides sold in many 1st category Nipponese Restaurants for top dollar as it is said to be sole. a. However. research has shown that 75 % of Japan’s whale meat goes unsold. B. A newspaper canvass found that merely 4 % of Nipponese regularly eat whale meat. 3. The castanetss of giants are besides used to do assorted types of vesture including women’s girdle and other type of points such as umbrellas and fishing rods which are all made from the home bases of Baleen Whales.


I. I unfeignedly hope that you understand the harm that we worlds can and hold caused. II. Acerate leaf to state. the figure of giants are quickly diminishing and now you know why. shall we non do an attempt in salvaging these animals? III. That’s all from me. thank you.

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