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Animal Testing is Bad

Animal Testing

Words: 922 (4 pages)

Animal Testing is Bad Professor Charles R. Magel has stated, “Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘Because the animals are like us.’  Ask the experimenters why it is morally OK to experiment on animals, and the answer is: ‘Because the animals are not like us.’  Animal experimentation rests on…

Reasons Why Animal Testing Should Be Forbidden

Animal Testing

Words: 1077 (5 pages)

Many humans use animals for testing each year. Animal testing is when the animals are put through something or injected to see how they react to what medical research they have been used for. There are three very important reasons why animals should not be used for testing harmful or dangerous materials. One of these…

Persuasive against animal testing

Animal Testing

Words: 759 (4 pages)

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement as I do not believe that animal testing is right and I am totally against it. One of the main reasons I am…

Animal testing is wrong

Animal Testing

Words: 322 (2 pages)

Each year in the United States, an estimated seventy million animals are hurt and killed in the name of science by private institutions, household products and cosmetics companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and scientific centers( testing is immoral and unreliable. Innocent animals should not be treated badly and caused pain for the sake of a…

Animal Testing for Pharmaceuticals: Ethical or Unethical?

Animal Testing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Words: 1793 (8 pages)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a foundation that has been described as “by far the most successful radical organization in America” (Carlton). The keyword “radical” is a perfect adjective used to describe PETA. According to the co-founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk, they pursue total animal liberation from serving humans which clearly…

Animal testing needs to be illegal

Animal Testing

Words: 423 (2 pages)

In my introduction I began it with a statement that was quite striking. Most people would not associate cute little animals with a killing scientist. Throughout the whole speech the problem and solution are organized problem-cause-solution pattern. In the first paragraph I state the actual problem which is what animal testing is, the second paragraph…

The Importance of Animal Testing

Animal Testing

Words: 967 (4 pages)

Research on animals is important in understanding diseases and developing ways to prevent them. The polio vaccine, kidney transplants, and heart surgery techniques have all been developed with the help of animal research. Through increased efforts by the scientific community, effective treatments for diabetes, diphtheria, and other diseases have been developed with animal testing. Animal…

Animal Testing: the Oldest Form of Medical Validation

Animal Testing

Words: 2299 (10 pages)

Medicines, household products, food, and basically everything involved in the life of an average person has to under go a form of testing before it is legal to be placed on a shelf and if available to the public. The same tests are performed on every medical procedure that is introduced to surgeons. Since the…

Cosmetic, Medical Testing on Animals

Animal Testing


Words: 622 (3 pages)

* Mariah: Every year, cosmetics companies kill millions of animals to test their products. * Brianna: Product testing is performed on animals to measure the levels of skin irritancy, eye tissue damage, and toxicity caused by substances used in the manufacture of cosmetics. * Mariah: tests involve general toxicity, eye and skin irritancy, photo toxicity…

Animals Testing ExtinctionHabitat Loss and Mass Hu

Animal Testing

Words: 981 (4 pages)

ntingAnimals: Testing , Extinction, Habitat Loss, and Mass HuntingWe, as humans, mistreat the animal population. On a smaller scale, the human population wastes domestic and wild, animals for medical testing, for their fur, and for entertainment such as dog fighting. These things may not seem to be globally threatening, yet the constant waste of certain…

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Why is animal testing important?
However, the primary reason why animals have been used is to protect human health and to track the development of a disease. Animals are essential for research in order to develop new drugs and medical methods to treat diseases.
What is animal testing introduction?
Animal testing is the process of testing living animals for basic biology research, to assess the effectiveness of new medicine products, and to test human health and/or the environment safety of consumer or industry products like cosmetics, household cleaners and so forth.
What is a good thesis statement for animal testing?
Untitled Document ( Thesis Statements Animal testing is necessary for new medicines to be developed and scientific advances. -orAnimal testing is not ethical and should be prohibited. Statement of thesis - Animal TestingThesis. If animals are subject to inhumane treatment, death is the only option.

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