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Self-Reflection Portfolio

Emotional intelligence


Words: 2052 (9 pages)

Introduction The learning style profiler allows individual’s to study the intrapersonal and interpersonal effectiveness; this report aims to evaluate my personal strengths and weaknesses in these areas. This subject has covered many important skills, which are essential for future organization effectiveness, such as reflective practice, intercultural sensitivity, social awareness and writing skills. The portfolio has…

Modern Portfolio Theory and Arbitrage Pricing Theory


Words: 2987 (12 pages)

Modern Portfolio Theory and Arbitrage Pricing Theory Introduction Harry Markowitz pioneered the Modern Portfolio theory. For the first time in history he gave to the investors a formula through which they could invest in assets and maximize their profits at lower risk. The most significant and path breaking proposal that he gave was that of…

How to Write a Portfolio

How to Write

Words: 378 (2 pages)

it’s the end of the marking period; you’ve made it through Writing Workshop, and it’s time for one of the final steps: writing your portfolio letter. Don’t freak out! You’re almost done! The portfolio letter isn’t really that bad. Concentrate on introducing your essays, focus on your strengths and weakness, and let the evaluators know…

Factors affecting Portfolio construction


Engineering And Construction Industry

Words: 2207 (9 pages)

1. Factors affecting Portfolio construction: Fund managers often use different methods to construct their portfolios depending on the type of funds they manage and the style of management they adopt. There are several other external factors which have different influences on the construction of portfolio. This means that the fund manager has to look into…

English Final Portfolio


Writing process

Words: 7962 (32 pages)

Portfolio Cover Letter 4/26/13 While revising Project Two for my portfolio, I made large global changes that helped my paper become more descriptive. Instead of referring to other students, I geared my revised project towards my own problems and the ways in which I can improve them. I tried to give more examples of my…

Employee Portfolio: Motivational Action Plan



Words: 608 (3 pages)

For many years, a variety of motivation theories have advanced, which the most important motivational strategies are the ones that influence workplace alignment. After assessing all three direct reports at Riordan, a facilitated process has been created to gain an understanding of the company’s mission, intent, vision, values, expectations, objectives, and employee needs. The employees…

Portfolio: the Tudors and Students


Words: 2108 (9 pages)

Student-teachers should be obedient of the imposed guidelines of the Practice Teaching. Disobeying the guidelines of the Practice Teaching may lead someone in the cessation of his/her training. As a SST, must be responsible enough in everything that will do to prevent myself from cessation. Name of Cooperating School: Rosa National High School My Expectations…

Portfolio Management And Diversification Research Paper


Words: 2124 (9 pages)

Introduction: Portfolio direction is a conglobation of securities as whole, instead than unrelated single retentions. Portfolio direction stresses the choice of securities for inclusion in the portfolio based on that security ’ s part to the portfolio as a whole. This purposes that there some synergism or some interaction among the securities consequences in the…

Working in Business – Portfolio


Emotional intelligence

Words: 2037 (9 pages)

1.0 Introduction In this portfolio, I will be reflecting on my experiences and learning stages within this unit, BSB124 –Working in Business. Throughout this report, I will be focusing on a number of intra and interpersonal competencies relevant for my professional performance as an Indigenous Marketing Manager. Reflective practices will be an essential element within…

A Student Development Portfolio Commerce




Words: 1593 (7 pages)

Introduction. Praises! You have been selected to take part in an exciting new undertaking at Winona State University as you and your teachers explore the best manner to set into pattern the Student Development Portfolio over the following four old ages. As you move through your college old ages, your Student Development Portfolio will supply…

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What is a portfolio paper?
A portfolio is a collection of documents and writing that you assemble in order to demonstrate that you have the appropriate prior and experiential learning to earn university level credit.
How do you write an introduction for a portfolio?
Introduce yourself. Tell readers who you are in the first line of your portfolio introduction. Aim for a friendly, casual tone. Decide which professional experience to include. Consider listing awards and accolades. Add a few personal details. Include a photo of yourself. Proofread and edit.
What is the purpose of portfolio essay?
A portfolio assessment provides an opportunity for a student to reflect on their learning, to self assess, and to formulate a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning beyond a simple surface explanation.

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