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Introduction. Praises! You have been selected to take part in an exciting new undertaking at Winona State University as you and your teachers explore the best manner to set into pattern the Student Development Portfolio over the following four old ages.

As you move through your college old ages, your Student Development Portfolio will supply you, your adviser, teachers, internship supervisors, and possible employers a rich portrayal of who you are, who you are going, how you are acquiring at that place, what you value and can make, every bit good as how you sort out all the bumps in the route along the manner. It will besides be a portrayal of the footmarks you leave on Winona State and the broader community.

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During your first semester, you will be larning the rudimentss of portfolio development. Use what you learn from the self-assessment exercisings and end scene to set up academic, personal and profession ends for this twelvemonth.

Your portfolio this semester will include at least four subdivisions as follows:

Personal Introduction

Annual Development Plan

Contemplations on all facets of your acquisition

Exhibits of your work.

Personal Introduction. In this subdivision present yourself and welcome your readers by stating them a spot about who you are right now as a freshman pupil. As you change and grow, this subdivision will alter and turn with you. Before you begin to compose your debut, use the undermentioned inquiries to steer you:

What are your involvements, abilities, and endowments?

Why you decided to travel to college. Why Winona State? If you have declared a major, why did you make up one’s mind to prosecute this major? If you are still open, what do you desire to research this twelvemonth? How do you trust that your college old ages will back up your personal and professional ends?

What do you trust to acquire out of your college experience ( academically, socially, personally ) ?

How do you anticipate college to be different than high school?

Who are you as a scholar, hearer, mind, communicator, friend, daughter/son?

How do you like to pass your leisure clip?

A few of these inquiries may be hard to reply at first. Hang in at that place. Fighting with them is first-class readying for replying them more to the full. You will be surprised how much clearer and richer your replies will be as you grow from your college life.

As you prepare your personal description maintain inquiring yourself why-why do I desire to be a instructor, nurse, creative person, scientist, or whatever? Why do I love dance, hike, cookery, music, canoeing, H2O skiing, in-line skating, watching athleticss, and so forth? We want to cognize more about who you are and what you have learned from your experiences than approximately merely what you have done.

Annual Development Plan. A development program charts your short-run and long-range ends. In add-on to the designation of ends, you will make a systematic program with specific stairss for run intoing those ends. As you think about these ends, we ask you to see what you feel are your current life challenges and what you still want to cognize and be able to make? These subjects become your ends. How will you run into these ends? Will you read, take classs, observe, prosecute in co-curricular activities, and/or seek a wise man? Your consideration of these inquiries will assist you develop a bit-by-bit action program for run intoing these ends and for documenting your growing. You will set up one or two ends this semester in each of the undermentioned dimensions of your life:

Health and Wellness-for illustration your strengths and exposures around issues of wellness, clip direction, feeding and imbibing wonts, self-renewing activities, wonts of work.

Learning Goals-for illustration, what you want to cognize more about ; wonts of head you want to concentrate on this semester ; inquiries you might desire to research ( what you ‘re funny about ) .

Personal Goals-for illustration, the sorts of extra-curricular activities you want to prosecute outside of the schoolroom.

Professional Goals-for illustration, what are the first stairss to prosecuting your professional calling ends? What are the sorts of wonts of head, traits, and accomplishments you need to develop as you move toward your desired profession?

We will assist you develop S.M.A.R.T ends for each of these dimensions ( see attached ) . We will train you along the manner along the manner. At least two upper division pupils portfolio development experience will function every bit managers as good.

Contemplation. Reflection is an of import facet of both acquisition and life. Experience is a great instructor. Yet we know that it is the contemplation on experiences that leads to larn, non simply the acquisition experience itself. We learn from those experiences that we ponder, explore, reappraisal, and inquiry. In this manner contemplation, non see entirely is our instructor. It will be the brooding procedure of your portfolio that will supply you with the greatest chances for deep apprehension, self-assessment, and assurance as you make seeable to yourself and others the full profusion of your acquisition in all dimensions of your life

Contemplation, nevertheless, is more that merely believing difficult about what you do. Reflective scholars give careful attending to their experiences and the significance they make of them. They analyze the influence of the acquisition environment and how they shape it every bit good as the behaviour of others. Critical contemplation goes beyond the proficient inside informations of an experience to the personal, ethical, and societal dimensions. Contemplation is about alteration, enquiry, and equity. It is analyzing your implicit in premises and the effects of your actions. Contemplation requires being witting of all facets of your college experience and how closely they interact with each other.

While your portfolio will dwell chiefly of written contemplations, other types of contemplation can inform your written 1s every bit good. Throughout your college calling, you will take portion in many sorts of reflections- , written, unwritten ( as in treatments ) , single and corporate. You will reflect on your ain and jointly. Sharing with your schoolmates and friends is of import as you become a more brooding scholar. Feedback, remarks, and treatment about your contemplations might come from your module manager and/or your schoolmates. For illustration, inquiries from managers, friends, and schoolmates can assist clear up an issue for you, merely as a investigation or remark from your manager can assist you look deeper into a state of affairs. Each type of contemplation helps to uncover and enrich your thought and acquisition.

Written contemplations begin with your Personal Description. Throughout this semester and beyond, you will hold legion chances to reflect on your acquisition experiences and accomplishments, your developing wonts of head, your advancement on ends, and your personal and professional development. All of these brooding activities can be used as presentations of your advancement toward going a alumnus of Winona State University.

Exhibits. This semester you will choose two pieces of your work that document your growing foregrounding one or two of the Habits of Mind. Linked to these exhibits will be your contemplation on what you learned from the work you did, your challenges in making the work, what you might make otherwise following clip, the most of import accomplishments, cognition, and temperaments ( beliefs, attitudes, wonts ) you learned that you have already or will reassign to future larning experiences or activities.

Conclusion. While we give you the initial model for your portfolio, utilize your creativeness to do it your ain within that model. Use pictures, poesy, quotation marks, music, anything you can believe of that will do it unambiguously your ain. Have fun with it over the following four old ages. One of import cautiousness: it ‘s easy to acquire caught up in the “ bells and whistlings ” of portfolios and bury that it is the substance of your portfolio that is of import to the deepness of your ain acquisition, to your professors, to possible employers.

Your portfolio will be electronic in the long tally, and most likely web-based-at least for most big leagues. However, this semester we will be concentrating on assisting you to larn the Habits of Mind and basic contemplation accomplishments. To salvage you clip, attempt, and heartache subsequently, we ask that you submit all contemplations as Word paperss.

Because we know that our pupils are smart and originative and energetic, we know that you are merely the pupils to chart this new class at WSU as we work together to guarantee that possible employers will see you as the “ pick of the harvest ” to be sought after when you graduate.

One last consideration. A portfolio is a dynamic papers. Over the following four old ages, you will add to it, alter it, and reshape it to run into your demands and ends as you get deeper into your surveies and closer to following the wonts of head, accomplishments, cognition, and socially responsible attitudes and actions that are needed in the quickly altering 21st century.


S.M.A.R.T. ends are:

S-specific. They provide a way every bit good as a agency.

M-measurable. Advancement can be measured along the manner.

A-attainable/active. They are within sensible range and supply a agency to accomplishing them. ( Not needfully stated in the goal-it is something you keep in head while making the end )

R-realistic/relevant. They are relevant to our current class of survey. ( Not needfully stated in the goal-it is something you keep in head while making the end )

T-timetable. They have a clip frame in which you will accomplish them.

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