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Annotated Bibliography Essay Examples

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Annotated Bibliography The Crucible English Literature

English Literature

The Crucible

Words: 1332 (6 pages)

The Crucible is a authoritative drama written by Arthur Miller, there were many characters, along with a alone plot line. There were 20 characters in the book that played separate but of import functions throughout. First there were the tree supporters in the book, John Proctor, Abigail Williams, and Reverend Hale. John Proctor was a…

Abortion Annotated Bibliography


Words: 494 (2 pages)

According to an article on www. customwritten. com a good resource must be a primary source, which means it is a first hand research experience. Listed below are websites that comes from first hand experience about our specific topic on Abortion. A government or organization website, and or a peer reviewed source from an academic…

GunControl: Annotated Bibliography


Words: 418 (2 pages)

Frates, Chris. “The Gun Debate Isn’t Over Yet.” National Journal (2013): Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. In this article written by Chris Frates, the author talks about how democrats and republicans are going back, and forth on gun control laws. Both parties are finding it difficult to come to an agreement. While…

Feminism in “Legally Blonde” Annotated Bibliography


Words: 631 (3 pages)

In the Legally Blonde Movie Duo Heresy, Eleanor. “Love and Microphones: Romantic Comedy Heroines as Public Speakers. ” Journal of Popular Film & Television 34. 4 (2007): 146-59. Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 Par. 2011. Heresy article focuses on the heroines’ public speaking in Bridget Joneses Diary, Never Been Kissed, Miss Congeniality, The Princess Diaries,…

Annotated Bibliography for Childhood Obesity


Childhood Obesity

Words: 1110 (5 pages)

There are many aspects, which have o be changed or improved, including parent’s nutrition education, children’s physical activity and kid’s nutrition in a school and home, food industry and etc. Wiley, L. F. (2013). “No Body Left Behind”: Re-orienting School-Based Childhood Obesity Interventions. Duke Forum For Law & Social Change (DOFFS), 597-128. The article discuses…

Annotated bibliography- Gun Control

Gun Control

Words: 411 (2 pages)

The act was rushed to be signed Into law on the same day, but shortly repealed by state law makers, who want to stress UN laws for the mental ill and criminals. Peer reviewed academic Journal article Domenici, Benjamin. “The Truth About Mass Shootings and Gun Control: Crime and killings have fallen as gun ownership…

Annotated Bibliography For Gang Violence


Words: 419 (2 pages)

Obscenest (accessed July 21 , 2014) In this article the authors focus on limiting or disentangling youth gang membership. They also talk about the violence associated with youth gang members. They explain and give data that supports violent and nonviolent offenses committed by youth gang members. Youths that report gang membership whether female or male…

Annotated Bibliography – the Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

Words: 511 (3 pages)

Standard declares In his article the comparison between “The Rising Tide of Color against White World-supremacy’ and “The Great Gatsby” In a sense to signify wealthy “careless people” In Jazz age. Standard suggests that how white race was considered as the supreme race and Tom says “Have you read ‘The Rise of the Colored Empires’…

Annotated bibliography examples harvard style

Harvard University

Words: 305 (2 pages)

Annotated bibliographies are essential in completing a well-structured doctoral study. Doctoral Study Introduction My doctoral study topic focuses on Internet security for businesses. Internet security Is a broad topic that Involves a multitude of theories, beliefs, recommendations, and guidelines. My article selections detailed a synopsis of the government’s responsibility and the end users obligation to…

Annotated bibliography paper sample

Feminist literary criticism

Harvard University

Words: 483 (2 pages)

She argues the basic conflict of how Edna experiences the tension of sexual Initiation while struggling for self-assertion and Identity. In my research paper I will use this source to represent how The Awakening shows the theme of oppression of self-identity. I will Incorporate this source as one of my examples for analyzing the theme…

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