Ethical Issues Incident at Morales

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Fred faced many ethical issues throughout the video. Fred did not consider the safety and health Of others when purchasing different parts for the plant. He bought less expensive pipes and connectors for the plant in order to save money and did not consider the consequences. He knew the material was not very good quality because it could not sustain high temperatures or pressure for a long period of time. Also, instead of going with the better quality sensors from Lutz and Lutz, he chose the cheaper alternative.

The sensors he decided on did not work well and so the plant manager had to personally supervise the production and ultimately lead to his death. The plant did not have a correct inspection done before it was set and ready to run. Mexico environment regulations did not require lining in the evaporation ponds, which led Fred to force to make an ethical decision. Fred should have considered environmental issues that the plant would come across when he did not go through the steps carefully. He knew that the equipment he purchased was not of quality material.

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He should have realized that the parts he purchased were in the long run going to affect the ability of the plant to run smoothly. Although he was on a strict budget, Fred should eave communicated with the executives from the French branch about the problems that could arrive with the cheaper parts. Also, he could have done some research and have other specialists and inspectors looked over each individual part used in the plant to find possible flaws. Wally was ethically wrong in many aspects of his work practices.

He avoids conflicts and does not communicate with his colleagues about potential hazards in the future of the plant. He does not want information to be informed to anyone else in the company but himself so that he can avoid conflict. He did not think about the well being of the environment or the lath of others. When Wally found out Fred had talked to Chuck about the evaporation plants before talking to him, he was very angry because he knew it would end up costing them money. Wally was all about money and getting it fast.

He only wanted things to be told to him first, which was his “One Rule. ” That rule was a very unsafe and unhealthy way to deal with issues, especially in a professional business. Wally wanted to keep every potential problem between him and Fred, which I think is completely unethical. If I was Wally, I would make sure that everyone involved in the project knew what was going on every step of the planning recess, especially if it was possibly going to affect the health and safety of others and the environment.

I would make sure the procedure was safe by asking for help from the qualified and certified people around me. Also, I would suggest to the client that the plant could not be safely and ethically built on that small amount of budget. Also, would insist on more time to figure out all of the flaws and glitches of the plant before handing it over. If was put in charge and I had the funding to make a difference in the plant there would be definite changes. The main change would make on the many policies is to put the safety and health of others and the environment first. Old slow the planning process down in order to inspect each individual part used in the plant to ensure its safety. Also, I would put together a team of engineers to work on the project so that many unique contributions could be put forth. If the funding was cut, I would still see to it that the equipment was not affected by it and that it was still as reliable and long lasting. Everyone on all levels would be informed of what is being done and what needs to be done. I would strongly enforce inspections before operations are even planned.

Getting second judgments before declaring a project complete would be a priority. Would involve the ERA, inspectors, and plant managers to help protect the future health of workers and safety of the environment. Communication is essential in the planning and production of a new chemical plant. I would hold various meetings to communicate with all employees involved in the project. If there were any major decisions that had to be made, would include every employee in the area of expertise to assist in making the right decision. I would continuously keep the clients updated on our progress.

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