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Explain Factors That May Influence Communication and Interpersonal Interactions

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Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments. Communication is very essential in our daily lives. In the situation given, there is a factor or a barrier that affects in receiving non-verbal communication. Samir’s also first language is Urdu. As stated Samir can read non-verbal communication unless he is very close to the person, and he might be near sighted. There are factors that influence communication in Samir’s situation. The basic problem is his vision.

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Explain Factors That May Influence Communication and Interpersonal Interactions
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One factor affecting Samir is poor lighting; even we have a perfect vision, we still need to struggle to have a perfect view of what we are seeing. Another is the weather, in the occurrence of a fog or mist it is very difficult to see. The space, when Samir is far enough he cannot see facial expressions, he need to go closer to see clearly what the expression is. The setting is an environmental factor that seems he’s still six years old, many hazards that will be met, in dealing with poor vision, one can help him communicate is hearing but being in a school with other six year old children would be noisy.

Samir’s first language is Urdu and he struggles with English. He has had a sensory impairment and that would be poor in eyesight. Because of these, he appears to be withdrawn and people consider him to be antisocial. These can be considered as the barriers of communication with Samir. As being withdrawn and antisocial, these are the results from being impaired in his eyesight. I would like to suggest that Samir needs a tutor to improve his English language, and the parents should help in developing his English.

Samir should talk English often, watch English movies, and listen to English radio. In the nursery environment, the teacher should consider Samir’s incapability’s and should give attention; the teacher should put Samir in the front seat so that he can see properly the visual aids and can focus the attention to the teacher. Samir should require help or any assistance for his problem. His poor vision should consult to an Optician to determine what the cause of his vision problem, and what intervention should be properly done. A speech therapist will help improve Samir’s language. If e still on the stage of learning English an interpreter should be with Samir during his school days to facilitate communication. If there is no interpreter available, there are some ways that he can communicate with other students using gestures, or non-verbal communication, with the use of pictures and symbols would also give a big help in conveying communication. Samir is still growing, and he will soon learn English in many ways, through by learning and experience. The staff in the nursery will give Samir a special treatment, not really a favouritism but to consider Samir’s situation.

The staff will also show that the treatment in all students are the same but there is a little difference to Samir and the staff will clearly explain to other students. If ever there is a classmate who understands Samir, the Staff will assign a student to be with Samir, or a buddy system, this would help Samir that he will be no longer withdrawn. If a buddy will assist with him then he will be no having hard time making friends. Just go easy, start with one friend, then another one, until he is confident enough to make friends. The Staff will also assign for play leaders.

The play leaders will encourage Samir to join the group and to be with the group. This will be a big help boosting Samir’s self-confidence and a big help for his growth. Samir would benefit from additional support, until he will be independent and does not rely to others for his communication. If proper procedure to be done, Samir will be less excluded, he will be able to mingle other students and can communicate effectively. When Samir is growing, if he is in the right track then Samir would be no problem for his communication, thus Samir can communicate effectively like normal people too.

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