External factors of environment affecting organisations

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The word environment means the environing ambiance and conditions for being. It is really of import for organizational leaders to cognize and understand the environment before they start making concern.

The external factors of the environment are factors that are non under the control of an administration. These factors include societal environment, political conditions, technological environment, authorities ordinances and policies, accounting bureaus like accounting standard board, resources in economic system and cultural environment and demographics of people ( Finance Discussion Form 2010 ) .

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The external environment comprises of all the outside factors that may hold an impact on the workings of an administration. The external environment is divided into 2 parts: straight synergistic and indirectly synergistic. A straight synergistic type of environment has an immediate and firsthand impact upon an administration. An indirectly synergistic type of environment has a secondary and more distant impact on an administration ( Global Business Environment online Journal ) .

The class of straight synergistic environmental forces includes proprietors, clients, providers, rivals, employees and employee brotherhoods ( The External Environment on-line Article ) .

Conversely, the class of indirectly synergistic environmental forces includes social-cultural, political and legal, technological, economic and planetary influences. Indirectly synergistic forces may impact one administration more than another merely because of the nature of a peculiar concern ( Global Strategy on-line Article ) .

External factors that can impact a concern are: societal factors: how consumer, families and communities behave and their beliefs e.g. alterations in attitude towards wellness or a greater figure of pensionaries in a population. Legal factors: the manner in which statute law in society affects the concern e.g. alterations in employment Torahs on working hours. Economic factors: how the economic system affects a concern in footings of revenue enhancement, authorities disbursement, general demand, involvement rates, exchange rates and European and planetary economic factors. Political factors: how alterations in authorities policy might impact the concern e.g. a determination to subsidize constructing new houses could be good for local brick plants.

Technological factors: how the rapid gait of alteration in production procedures and merchandise invention affect a concern. And ethical factors: what is regarded as morally right or incorrect for a concern to make e.g. trading with states which have a hapless record on human rights would be seen as unethical ( External factors that affect retail industry online Article ) .

Knowledge and apprehension of the environment is critical for an administration to cognize in order to be successful.

Outline of the company I have chosen for the intents of my essay: PRIMARK

Primark Stores Limited is an Irish vesture retail merchant, runing over 200 shops in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Within this country of duty, Primark shops outnumbered other vesture retail merchant concern, with 161 shops overall distributed in three major parts: 125 in the United Kingdom, 34 in Ireland and 8 in Spain. Primark is known for selling apparels at the budget terminal of the market. The company ‘s success is based on sourcing supply cheaply, doing apparels with simple designs and cloths, merely doing them in the most popular sizes, purchasing stock in immense majorities and assortments and non advertisement. The company places itself as marketing stylish at cutthroat monetary values.

The original vesture shop was established by Arthur Ryan and his confederate Micaela Mitchell in Dublin Ireland in 1969. After assorted success in vesture concern, great net incomes and gross income led them to open shops in local and regional countries. It acquired assorted premises in different concern Centres within its local and regional countries which finally generate more net incomes and income.

Hence, these successes brought important alterations on Primark ‘s retail concern. The relevancy of planetary tendencies and consumers ‘ demands on life style made Primark Store Limited reinvent its concern strategy and direction construction ( The analysis on the external and internal environment of Primark retailing industry ) .

In the recent old ages Primark has received many awards for its merchandises including the esteemed ‘Retailer of the Year ‘ award for 2 old ages in a row now ( Primark website 2010 ) .

Whilst the company ‘s chief central offices are based in Ireland, the concatenation is a subordinate of Associated British Foods plc ( ABF ) , and is finally controlled by the Weston household through Wittington Investments ( Primark Stores Ltd 2010 ) .

The analytical model I have selected for the company

The cardinal environmental issue I have chosen for the footing of my analysis of Primark is PESTEL.

The term PESTEL stands for – Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Environmental & A ; Legal. This term has been used on a regular basis in the past 10 old ages and its true history is hard to set up. Various other similar acronyms that have besides been used include ETPS, STEP, PEST and STEEPLE ( PESTLE analysis 2010 ) .

I choose the PESTEL analysis tool as it is used by companies for concern and strategic planning, selling planning, concern and merchandise development and research studies. Hence, utilizing this tool, companies can derive an apprehension of the environment they operate in and take advantage of the chances and minimise the possible menaces ( Market Orientated Strategic Planning 2010 ) .

PESTEL analysis is in consequence an audit of an administrations environmental influence with the intent of utilizing this information to steer strategic decision-making. The premise is that if the administration is able to scrutinize its current environment and asses possible alterations, it will be better placed than its rivals to react to alterations. The PESTEL analysis is said to be a utile tool for understanding the ‘big image ‘ of the environment in which an administration is runing and for understanding hazards associated with market growing or diminution, possible and directing for an single concern or administration.

A PESTEL analysis is besides used as a generic ‘orientation ‘ tool, happening out where an administration or merchandise is in the context of what is go oning outside that will at some point affect what is go oning inside an administration. The six elements organize a model for reexamining a state of affairs, and can besides be used to reexamine a scheme or place, way of a company, a selling proposition or thought ( PEST Analysis is concerned With the Environmental Influences on a Business ) .

Description & A ; treatment of PESTEL

Political Factors: These refer to authorities policies such as grade of intercession in the economic system. Political determinations can impact on many critical countries for concern such as the instruction of the work force, the wellness of the state and the quality of the substructure of the economic system such as the route and rail system. This class besides includes countries such as revenue enhancement policy, employment Torahs, environmental ordinances, trade limitations and reform duties and political stableness ( Oxford University Press. ( 2007 ) .

Economic factors: These refer to what is go oning within the economic system e.g. economic growth/decline, involvement rates, exchange rates, rising prices rate, revenue enhancement alterations, pay rates, working hours, unemployment degree, and late recovered recession and recognition crunch.

Sociological factors: These refer to the of all time altering societal tendencies in the markets, in which the company operates, civilization norms, and outlooks, wellness consciousness, population growing rate, age distribution, calling attitudes, accent on safety and planetary heating. Change in societal tendencies can besides impact on the demand for a house ‘s merchandises and the handiness and willingness of persons to work ( The Pest or Pestle Analysis ) .

Technological factors: These refer to the fast development and progressing universe of engineering. Change in engineering can impact the work and traffics of an administration. New engineerings create new procedures and processs. Thingss that were non possible a twosome of old ages back are now chief watercourse. Online shopping, saloon cryptography and computing machine aided design are all betterments to the manner companies do concern now as a consequence of better engineering. Technology can besides cut down costs in the long tally, better quality, and lead to invention. These developments can profit clients every bit good as administrations fabricating the merchandises.

Environmental factors: These refer to what is go oning with regard to ecological and environmental issues i.e. clime and conditions. Changes in the conditions can impact on many industries including agriculture, touristry and insurance. With major clime alterations happening due to planetary heating and with greater environmental consciousness this external factor is going a important issue for houses to see ( PESTEL analysis of the macro-environment ) .

Legal Factors: These refer to the legal environment in which an administration operates. Changes in statute law may hold an impact on employment, entree to stuffs, quotas, resources, imports/exports and revenue enhancement. In recent old ages in the UK there have been many important legal alterations that have affected companies ‘ behavior. The debut of age favoritism and disablement favoritism statute law, an addition in the minimal pay and greater demands for houses to recycle are illustration of comparatively recent jurisprudence that affect an administration ‘s work and actions ( PESTLE analysis 2010 ) .

Using the PESTEL model to PRIMARK

In measuring the political, societal, and economic factors external to the environment of Primark, we must see different issues. Primark ‘s concern operations are capable to authorities policies and ordinances. The concern house should conform to the set of policies and ordinances stipulated and enforced by the authorities and policy devising organic structure while conforming to the set of ordinances and policies, the house should presume societal duty as demanded by the planetary consciousness. Nowadays, concern sectors no longer busied themselves to bring forth bonds of net incomes and income but profoundly involved in societal plans to advance societal consciousness and equality. Cultural and societal behaviors of different consumers are of import to see when set uping or embarking concern in the planetary landscape ( The analysis on the external and internal environment of Primark retailing industry ) .

Furthermore, economic, environment, Torahs, and engineering are inseparable entities in which influence the concern operations. The economic stableness of certain part can lend allot to the concern status of certain house, like Primark. Technology on the other manus, brought a enormous consequence to the position and development of concern operations and selling plans. It generates new tendencies in a rapid motion, which if organisations are incognizant will hinder growing and development ( Pest Analysis 2010 ) .

Political factors: Primark ‘s concern operations are the assistance of authorities policies and ordinance for illustration supplying proper working environment for workers. For covering with workers and for bettering their working conditions, the company is portion of the Ethical trading Initiative ( ETI ) . Primark ‘s energy ingestion in the UK is sourced against the green power generated and sold into the grid by British sugar ( Article on Primark PESTEL ANALYSIS online ) .

However, as different political parties come into power they might alter bing policies, Torahs and ordinances so Primark would on a regular basis hold to measure its schemes with consideration to the political clime to follow with them e.g. if a jurisprudence is passed raising the minimal pay rate for employees. The authorities can besides go through a limitation jurisprudence on import and export trade with other states due to political fortunes and dealingss with the trading state. This might besides hold an impact in

Primark if they are acquiring their ware manufactured in that state.

Economic Factors: In 2008, Primark opened over 12 shops and has now moved its concern to Europe. This shows marks of enlargement and success Although Primark has largely low priced ware, an addition in revenue enhancement and VAT in an unstable economic system can hold a major affect on its gross revenues doing them travel down. The lone Primark can fix itself for such a state of affairs is by holding update cognition about the current economic province utilizing the PESTEL analysis tool. The recent planetary recession and recognition crunch left a batch of concerns incapacitated taking them to bankruptcy as the populace ‘s disbursement power was really low due to the fortunes with besides led administrations to allow people travel increasing unemployment. All these factors could hold a great impact on Primark ‘s concern. Hence, Primark must invariably measure its scheme with consideration to its PESTEL to guarantee safety and protection against such events.

Sociological factors: Primark has received several awards for being retail merchant of the twelvemonth. It has besides won awards for being the best retail merchant of the twelvemonth in the United Kingdom. However, societal tendencies nowadays change quickly. A merchandise that is in demand today might non be so popular tomorrow. Primark needs to maintain up to day of the month with all these alterations and tendencies. It must seek to suit and present in regard to the alteration. Ageing and population degree are 2 other factors that can hold an impact of Primark ‘s sale as the company chiefly targets the immature consumers aged between 16 to 35 old ages of age. Hence, Primark must invariably measure its scheme with consideration to its PESTEL to guarantee its societal stableness and speedy ability to present.

Technological factors: Due to the rapid promotion and development in the engineering universe things that were non possible a few old ages ago are now really easy and user. Technology has made a batch of complicated undertakings really user friendly. The Internet is one perfect illustration of this. It is now possible to shop online in the comfort of their place. Primark has a batch of on-line shoppers on their web site and benefits from this technological development.

Besides in Primark ‘s command for universe category, cutting border direction of its ethical auditing programme, it has signed a trade with BSE direction systems for the proviso of Entropy Software. The investing in Entropy package is a cardinal portion of Primark ‘s ethical trade scheme, leting all providers audits, non-conformances and remedial actions to be managed through the Entropy package platform, with much greater planetary visibleness and direction control.

Environmental factors: As a consequence of planetary heating and the inauspicious conditions conditions in the recent times many companies and administrations are making their portion for the environment. Primark supports this run by utilizing recycled paper bags alternatively of plastic bags. Even consumers are really conscience about these factors in salvaging the environment and support this. One of Primark ‘s frights can be delayed cargo of goods from other states due to bad conditions conditions.

Legal factors: The local Torahs of a state can hold an impact on all the administrations that operate at that place. If new Torahs are passed in relation to employment, national lower limit pay or wellness and safety in the workplace so Primark will hold to follow will all of them. In order to be up to day of the month with all statute law and suit all alterations Primark has to hold cognition and apprehension of these Torahs and program in progress. Hence, Primark must invariably measure its scheme with consideration to its PESTEL to guarantee that their employment is just and safe for its employees.


Primark can without trouble diversify, giving its rivals a competitory environment with significant fiscal power. Primark ‘s offer to its client is one of high quality ware, value for money, back by Primark ‘s service promise. A strong consumer proposition has been developed by Primark trade name and embodied in the line “ Look Good, Pay Less ” . I conclude this treatment by adverting that the UK vesture retail industry is confronting high degrees of competition between assorted participants but the terminal consequence shows that the consumers are most benefitted from it ( Article on Primark PESTEL ANALYSIS online ) .

Given this analysis we can state that each organisation has its ain external and internal jobs to manage. The procedure in which we enable to place and analyse such jobs is by utilizing proper direction method of analysis PESTEL or STEEPLE. The importance of these methods is squared to the importance of the concern itself.

Primark must invariably measure its scheme with consideration to its PESTEL analysis tool. External factors can besides to some extent impact its internal and concern operation. Hence, these methods are helpful for us to understand and underscore the positive and negative factors impacting the external environment of an organisation like Primark.

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