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Farm Girl by Jessica Hemauer

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As I was reading the story “Farm Girl”, I realized that the author Jessica Hemauer wrote an essay to let people know they can never forget where they come from. Some people may have to work harder than others to get what they want; but it can happen. Yes, we are all different and it is okay.

In the essay, “Farm Girl” by Jessica Hemauer, Jessica shares her background of working on a farm as a child, and how her long hard days on the farm made her a strong headed and responsible to be able to live in today’s society.

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Farm Girl by Jessica Hemauer
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In one of her day dreams she talks about her not wanting to get up in the morning because her eyes was heavy and she thought to herself “a typical ten-year old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do chores. ” (Hemauer). Hermauer, had a large audience in this essay.

I feel like most of the audience was young adults from the age eight to the mid-teens.

The reason I feel the audience was in that age group because if they was any older they may have ran into some of the same problems as Hemauer. She also had great tone and voice in this essay. Jessica discusses great detail about her background as a child and how it affected her now as she was growing into a lady. When writing Jessica used her personal life to show her emotions positive and negative to the audience.

At first I was like her working on a farm was not going to be bad for her. Simply because a child needs to how it when they get grown and have to start working and paying their own bills. As I continue to read, I found out the she could not go out and play with other kids until all the work was done such as house chores and farm work. I can understand house chores been done first before playing but not farm work because we have to remember she is only a child.

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Farm Girl by Jessica Hemauer. (2016, Dec 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/farm-girl-by-jessica-hemauer/

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