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“ An enterpriser is person get downing or turning a concern who distinguishes themselves with their aspiration and accomplishment ( Steve Parks, 2006 ) . A accomplishment is defined as “ an ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained attempt to swimmingly and adaptively transport out complex activities or occupation map affecting thoughts, things, and/or people ” ( Business Dictionary, neodymium )

An enterpriser accomplishment can be defined has a competence that person has to get and that will assist him to make an original concern. Everyone can be an enterpriser because existent enterprisers are non born as they are: they have learnt how to go one.

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It is accessible to anyone despite the background, making or cognition because this is non what determines a successful enterpriser.

“ Entrepreneur accomplishments ” is a truly an of import subject because there are some many false visions of what makes a successful enterpriser. This will assist to interrupt stereotypes.

It is besides important because we need to develop accomplishments who will give us competences in order to makes our calling a success.

The aim of this research is to find the most relevant features, accomplishments and properties of an enterpriser from primary to secondary accomplishments.

This paper has been divided into five parts: each paragraph enumerate a chief accomplishment that a future enterpriser have to better to be successful and shows relevant illustrations of existent enterpriser with these accomplishments.

I/ An enterpriser has to demo leading and assurance

A leader is “ a individual who influences a group of people towards the accomplishment of a end ” ( Vtaide website, neodymiums )

In other term, the leader is person that will force frontward a undertaking and will make anything that is possible to accomplish it. Bing a leader involved many things.

On the first manus, the leader has to believe on his thoughts, capacities, and be self confident because cipher will believe in them for him. It will besides assist him to get the better of failures.

This ego assurance can let him to sell his undertaking to possible spouse or patron during dialogue. But most of import thing, it will let him portion his thoughts to his ain squad. That is of import because the squad will look up to him and at that place has to be coherence, and an apprehension of the chief end in order to actuate the squad towards his realization.

On the 2nd manus, the leader is responsible. Steve Parks ( 2006 ) suggested that an enterpriser recognizes his ain errors and do non fault others for doing them.

Besides, the leader is thoughtful and knows how to take the best determinations for the good of his hereafter company. He surrounds himself with competent people and if he esteems that he does non hold the capacity to accomplish one particular undertaking he knows how to depute the work.

To complete with the features, the leader plans his activities, manages and controls them in order to see the existent advancement ( Guirdham M. and Tyler K. , 1992 ) .

That manner it can be reactive if something does non travel as planned. One good illustration of an existent leader, it is Jean Paul Herteman. Jean Paul Herteman is the president of the direction board of Safran, one of the biggest Gallic group specialized in aerospace, aeronautical, defense mechanism and security. The group creates and produces aero engine. On an interview with Challenges, He retraces his calling with the testimonies of his co-workers and spouses.

At first, we can see that he is non a typical enterpriser. Like demonstrated in the debut, there are false visions and stereotypes of the typical enterpriser.

At first, Jean Paul Herteman seems a small spot naA?ve when you foremost met him, that makes people under esteem him but visual aspects can be delusory. Indeed he is got a great assurance in himself and capacities. Some says “ He has strength of strong belief without being characterial

Then, when J.P.Herteman became president, he reorganized all the activities of the group Safran by doing disappeared some of them, centering the activities in aerospace and making the defense mechanism and security parts. They were besides some fiscal job but he faced everything because he challenged himself.

Peoples say that he managed everything calmly and that everybody knew that they could swear him.

Like a existent leader, J.P. Herteman succeeds in being respected by his squad. Finally, he admits doing one error. In facts, He about acquired another company, that he though will be profitable, without confer withing anyone. He recognizes his mistake without faulting anyone else.

To be a successful enterpriser you have to be a great leader but this merely the first accomplishment to better

II/ An enterpriser have to make chances and be originative

Guirdham M. and Tyler K. ( 1992 ) defined the chance as “ clip, occasion or status of thing favorable to an terminal or intent, juncture, opportunity, convenience, advangeousness of site or place ”

There are so many good concerns with good thoughts but that have ne’er had the success they deserved because they did non prehend chances believing that opportunity will come their manner.

In fact nil is fruit of jeopardy: chances do non come in our manner, we have to make them.

It can get down by looking at the external environment and by detecting the market ( existent offers, consumersaˆ¦ )

We can seek to happen the unsated demands of the possible clients, and make a new merchandise that will react to it or merely seek to better one who already exists.

We can besides make chances by making your ain web. It is important to construct contacts and keep this relationship because they can ever assist you to make a door. For illustration, they could give you the advices that you want, or be the individual that will do your undertaking travel frontward.

Harmonizing to Steve Parks ( 2006 ) , you create chances already when you select a market what where you know you got accomplishments on it or you are passionate about.

That is why you can associate chances to creativeness. Creativity is the ability to make in advanced and different attacks.

Creativity will do the difference from the other concerns. It will besides convert people to work with us. Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect illustration of the originative enterpriser. Mark Zuckerberg has created the celebrated societal web Facebook in 2004. He has founded Facebook with the aid of two other pupils. It is a revolution because Facebook is the first societal web that allowed is users to hold their ain profiles, to be linked with their friends and to entree to assorted applications.

He has created a societal web different than the initial 1s and spread it to the universe.

An enterpriser has to take enterprises, make his ain chances and be originative. However, there is still two other competences to show.

III/ An enterpriser has to take in consideration the hazard and uncertainness

The hazard represents a menace, that nil will travel every bit planned. The external environment can convey a batch chances but besides a batch of menaces. For illustration, a rival with an improve thoughts of our ain merchandise settees in the market and becomes truly successful and known worldwide. It can besides be fiscal jobs: a bad investing ( natural stuffs of less quality that we thought, ) , the deficiency of resources,

When planning is activities an enterpriser has to be cognizant of hazards and has to make everything to cut down them.

An enterpriser can cut down the hazard by be aftering every activity, measuring the hazard, seeking to cut down it and holding an exigency program if something goes incorrect.

IV/ An enterpriser has to cognize how to pass on

The communicating is an understanding between two individuals or a group of individuals. There is different ways of pass oning written, unwritten or ocular. You besides have to be a good hearer to others, gave back information, oppugning, giving replies,

Communicating is important when we are working with our squad. Like we said in the first paragraph, an enterpriser has to do understand the chief ends and aims to his squad in order to be effectual in their work. When this internal environment is good you increase the efficiency and the productiveness. An enterpriser has to be unfastened and listen to advices or thoughts of colleagues that will likely assist him to better his ain thoughts.

Communicating expeditiously is besides important to negociate the better manner. An enterpriser has to be able to give value to his undertaking in order to sell it to possible spouse during meetings.

Finally, Communicating toward the client is indispensable. The client besides has to do understand the image, the message and the intent of the company ‘s merchandise or trade name to the client. They have to experience that they can trust to it and they will likely purchase it. This communicating will basically take topographic point during advertizement run.

Sony is a good illustration of bad communicating. For the launching of their PSP in Italy, they did a error in their advertizement. They took a exposure of a immature adult male have oning a Crown of irritants accompanied with the undermentioned motto “ ten old ages of passions ‘ . It evoked the film passions of Christ of Mel Gibson but people felt like it was an abuse to faith. They did non take in consideration the portion of faith for Italian. It resulted by a misinterpretation from the consumer of the message of the company.

Another illustration of good communicating is the celebrated company Google. Google is a celebrated American company of cyberspace hunt. The house is good known for offering good conditions of work to their employees. They besides favour the internal communicating. As a affair of fact, they encourage people to work in group. They have created infinites where people can run into each others.

They besides let a certain sum of clip to their employees for them to develop their ain undertaking and thoughts, which they can subject to the way. They can be rewarded for their work. Google can do evolved their company with those thoughts.

Google knows by favoring the internal communicating they motivate their employees to bring forth efficient work.


This survey has shown that an enterpriser has to develop or better his leading, creativeness, his impression of hazard and communicating accomplishments if he wants to be successful.

Like demonstrated in the debut, the most successful enterpriser are non born with their accomplishments, they have learned them or improved them. It is possible to anyone to go a successful enterpriser.

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