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Hugo Boss

“Fashion is a unambiguously sensuous, dynamic and international phenomenon, and HUGO BOSS holds a prima place in this absorbing market. The exceeding personal committedness and standout accomplishments of our employees form the basiss of our success.” ( Dr. Bruno Salzer, Chair of the Managing Board, HUGO BOSS AG ) .

Hugo Boss AG is a manner house based in Metzingen, Germany, specializes in high-end dress. It is named after its laminitis, Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss has been successfully asseverating and spread outing its place as a planetary market leader in the upscale manner market for many old ages. The HUGO BOSS trade names encompass all cardinal manner countries, runing from authoritative vesture, flushing and leisurewear to functional athletic wear and complementary accoutrements.

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Licensed merchandises such as eyewear, tickers, aromas and cosmetics further enhance our aggregations. HUGO BOSS is represented in the manner market by the BOSS, HUGO and BALDESSARINI trade names. HUGO BOSS merchandises are available worldwide in over 100 states. HUGO BOSS the name denotes success, flawlessness and a manner that transcends international boundary lines.

Its primary rivals are Gianni Versace, Armani and Gucci in the manner retail sector. The BOSS and HUGO trade names cover all the major manner sections for work forces and adult females. Extra merchandise groups such as places and accoutrements, aromas, eyewear, and tickers complement the single aggregations.

The mark audiences chiefly catered to by HUGO BOSS are persons runing between the age groups of 20-60 old ages. Largely, its clients are the immature and the professional working category. The selling channels used are the seasonally altering advertisement schemes, concern through the cyberspace, public dealingss and assorted gross revenues publicity strategies.


HUGO BOSS is represented in the manner market by the BOSS and HUGO trade names. These trade name aggregations and their manner lines are aimed at assorted mark groups, making a trade name universe of extraordinary manner diverseness at a invariably high degree of quality. The BOSS Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange and BOSS Green lines every bit good as the attach toing accessary aggregations are all portion of the nucleus BOSS trade name.

BOSS Black

The women’s aggregations in the BOSS Black line offer versatile manner ranges with a rich array of elegant “modern classics” in business- , leisure- and formalwear: perfect looks that satisfy the most sophisticated gustatory sensations.

BOSS Orange

BOSS Orange offers insouciant aggregations for adult females who enjoy dressing in manner and have oning surprising expressions. Unusual stuffs, bold colourss and beautiful inside informations appeal to a patronage that delectations in experimentation.


HUGO delivers advanced expressions for adult females with a immature, cheerful attitude. The aggregations feature body-hugging silhouettes and latest manners.


For the past several old ages, a wide choice of advanced life style merchandises has complemented the HUGO BOSS manners. The section Shoes & A ; Accessories has featured most conspicuously and represents considerable growing potency for the company. This merchandise group was hence incorporate into the Group in 2004 and has been increasingly expanded since.


Micro-environment denotes those elements over which the selling house has control or which it can utilize in order to derive information that will break assist it in its selling operations. In other words, these are elements that can be manipulated, or used to reap information, in order to supply fuller satisfaction to the company’s clients.

P’S of Marketing


For work forces include: Boss Black/Boss Black Selection, Boss Green, Boss Orange, Hugo, and Baldessarini. For adult females: Boss Black, Boss Orange and Hugo. Besides portion of the trade name is Lifestyle Accessories. ( As explained above )

Monetary value

The monetary value that a client pays varies for each type of their merchandise. Their mark market constitutes are people between the age of 20 and 60, i.e. for the immature, professional and working category. The monetary value of the merchandises of an industry are determined by a figure of factors including market portion, competition, market costs, merchandise individuality and besides the customer’s perceived value of merchandise.

Topographic point

Topographic point comprises of two distinguishable elements: channels of distribution and transit of goods. HUGO BOSS sells its merchandises are assorted shops and mercantile establishments. It has assorted retail mercantile establishments. It besides has logistics that relates to the physical repositing and transit of goods from assorted topographic points. It is good organized and efficaciously working.


HUGO BOSS promotes itself by publicizing their merchandises via Media, i.e. Television, newspapers, streamers, cyberspace, etc. Besides, sponsorship, merchandise arrangement, indorsements, direct mail, trade shows, etc assist them to advance their trade name expeditiously in the market. It is besides engaged in charitable work.

Macro Environment

Macro-environment refers to the milieus in the market which are ineluctable and need to be adjusted with than pull strings them. It is indispensable to analyze these factors that affect the concern techniques followed by the organisation. Knowing these factors is really of import ; one time exploited, they may turn out to be really good to the house.

Pest Analysis

Political and Legal Factors

Hugo Boss is involved in international operations. Therefore, it faces the domestic every bit good as the international political concerns. They export and have joint ventures and subordinate companies abroad. The political and legal factors in assorted states differ a batch. Hugo Boss has to take in consideration all these factors since its merchandises are available in over 100 states. Particular attending demands to be given to volatile conditions so that the political conditions are monitored really carefully.

Government policy can badly impact the fiscal consequences of the concern. For case the aggressive US financial policy driven in art by the invasion of Iraq has caused the US dollar to deprecate against other currencies such as the EUR or GBP.

Economic Factors

Economic factors are of concern to HUGO BOSS because they are likely to act upon, among other things, demand, costs, monetary values and net incomes. These factors are mostly outside the control of the single house, but their effects on single endeavors can be profound. Political and economic factors are frequently strongly related. Since HUGO BOSS is engaged in international selling, alterations in universe economic forces are potentially extremely important. The rate of rising prices, unemployment and the degree of domestic involvement rates affect the return from new investings and can suppress the acceptance and diffusion of new engineerings. Economic alterations pose a set of chances and menaces, this it is really of import that HUGO BOSS monitors the economic environment at both domestic and universe degrees.

Social and Cultural Factors

It is really of import for HUGO BOSS to attest itself in altering gustatory sensations, buying behaviour and degree Celsius hanging precedences. The type of goods and services demanded by the consumers is a map of their societal conditioning and their consequent attitudes and beliefs. Social alterations are preceded by alterations over clip in a society’s cultural values. The conditions alterations are besides another factor to be taken attention of. Every clip the conditions of a state changes they need to alter their merchandises. Consumers need different tendencies and manners. They do non necessitate want to have on the same manners every clip. The lifestyle tendency alterations to an extent every clip. HUGO BOSS besides has an outstanding advertisement. All this helps them make the effectivity of their merchandises etc.

Technological Factors

HUGO BOSS plays an of import portion in technological advancement. They have their ain research section which plays a portion in introducing new developments and new applications. A alteration in the technological environment affects the merchandises and services that the house produces and the manner in which the houses carry out their concern operations. There is a really of import demand to hold technological betterments in the concern in today’s universe. The design of the aggregations and the development of groundbreaking production engineerings both occur at corporate central office in Metzingen. There, for each of the year’s four seasons, their originative squads design the manners that capture the modern-day Zeitgeist.

Swot Analysis

SWOT analysis refers to the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that a company evaluates in itself every bit good as from the market which it is seeking to capture. With this cognition, the internal and external factors of the house can be easy analyzed and worked upon to better the growing and market portion of the house. Strengths and Weaknesses form the internal factors and Opportunities and Threats form the external factors that influence the selling activities of an organisation.


The strengths that a company represents the competitory advantage that it has over the other houses it’s viing with. HUGO BOSS has a really good repute, ensuing in a high market portion, doing it the biggest retail merchant on the high streets. A good reputation brings a high consciousness of the trade name name in the heads of about every possible consumer. Its diverseness and assortment in the merchandise offerings, supplying to everyone’s demands whether adult male or adult female, and middle aged clients has added on to being one of its strengths and grounds for trueness in the market place.


Failings frequently discourage employees in a corporation, but placing them is necessary in order to get the better of them to re-enter the market. A company’s failings are non merely the jobs from the firm’s point of position, but besides from the consumer’s point of position. These restrictions slow down the advancement of the company when compared to its rivals. Some of HUGO and BOSS’ inabilities are maintaining up with the altering tendencies in the retail market. Sometimes their incapableness to aim the right clients in footings of merchandise scope and potency besides hinder the growing of the company.


Opportunities refer to the approaching tendencies or societal, economical or technological forms that can be exploited to increase market portion and client trueness. Since the age group targeted by HUGO BOSS is till the age of 60 old ages, more figure of old people should be targeted as prospective clients. Collaboration with other companies to increase merchandise comprehensiveness and deepness, with more famous person backing is a certain chance that should be taken advantage of. Buying rivals who could present a menace in the hereafter is besides a possibility that HUGO BOSS can use to maintain up its market portion.


Menaces are the inevitable state of affairss that might originate, which the company needs to manage tactfully. These are external factors that can non be controlled by the company. Changing tendencies in manner and economic and technological progresss are some of the menaces that all manner industries face, including HUGO BOSS. The changing constructions in the market, largely in the younger vesture markets besides are menaces to retail merchants.


In 1987, Boss Orange for work forces was launched described as sporty and insouciant dividing itself from the voguish Hugo trade name and the sophisticated Boss Black trade name. Boss Green is a wholly clean trade name selling points designed for athletics or a clean expression.

The company ‘s merchandises, divided over three trade names, are available throughout the universe in 103 states and more than 5,002 retail shops. These trade names are Boss, Hugo, and since 2004, Baldessarini. The latter, Baldessarini GmbH, is a more independent concern unit which focuses on a more esteemed image than its two sister trade names. It sells, like the other Hugo Boss trade names, vesture, places, aromas and accoutrements but will go forth Hugo Boss after the Spring/Summer 2007 aggregation has been sent to dress shops. This is due to the freshly launched premium Boss line, Boss Black Selection, outselling Baldessarini.

Today ‘s sub-brands for work forces include: Boss Black/Boss Black Selection, Boss Green, Boss Orange, Hugo, and Baldessarini. For adult females: Boss Black, Boss Orange ( announced in July 2005 for Spring/Summer 2006 launch ) and Hugo. Besides portion of the trade name is Lifestyle Accessories.

With an analysis on the assorted factors impacting the house along with its strengths and chances as internal factors and failings and menaces as external factors, there is a clear apprehension on the place and market section HUGO BOSS screens and satisfies. Its strengths and failings along with its PEST factors, the behaviour of the organisation towards these facets in the selling field, are besides identified.


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