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Society Final draft

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My belief that one may have had several experiences In a ere young age and could be considered mature in an early age. On the contrary, someone may not have enough experiences or signs that show his maturity until their twenties for instance. When a teenager reaches the age of 18 , he is “transformed” from a teenager to an adult . Every society treats 18 year olds as they are fully grown and mature to find their place among millions Of people and competitions all around them .

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Society Final draft
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If you are an adult you are able to find a full time job , have driving license , or even join the army . You are free to get married and have a family of your own , also be responsible for every action you commit every ay , you are capable of sitting in front of a judge if being charged and also serve in jail with all the criminals who are convicted for serious crimes . As L. M. Montgomery,( Rill of Ingested) stated.

“The body grows slowly and steadily but the soul grows by leaps and bounds.

It may come to its full stature in an hour. Someone who is 18 years old has not matured completely physically in the way on how any individuals’ mind is dealing with situations. The age of 21 should be the age that anyone would be considered an adult , which has a fully matured brain and body . Also in the age of 21 you have reached an age when you can think trait and in the bigger picture of life or unexpected results of everyday life mistakes and most importantly be responsible . At the age of 18 you should become responsible for yourself, find a job or rent an apartment on your own .

It is the age when anyone should have a life structured on his own . Becoming an adult after you turn 18 years Old , you are treated as a grown man with critical thinking and opinion to decide about your future and your life as “alone” from now on . There are parents who are forcing their children after becoming adults out of their own houses because they might had a hard life n which they had to survive and mature faster, in order to have a normal life. People should be treated as adults by the time they start to act like one .

Adulthood is influenced by many causes , if a child had a rough life growing up , could be more mature when he/she is 18 from other fresh adults . However, a teenager who had an easy life and was financially comfortable , can be acting immature in many ways and maybe cannot even live by himself . Another argument thought by many is that you are mature enough to join the army at the age of 18 supported by the Government and the Army in most of the countries. It is possible for you to leave your home and fight for your Country by risking your life , in order others to live safe .

Army is a serious face to live through at this age , some people might want to join the army and also had been ready for a long time for it either as a dream job , or a huge achievement for their lives . But in many countries young adults are forced to recruit at 18 and go through a rough military training , that most of them are not ready for it as a result army has many suicide attempts or mentally unstable people, that are affected from hard decisions in case of important matters .

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