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Gear answerability is one of my most of import things I must make as a United States marine. Many things go into maintaining path of your ain military cogwheel every bit good as personal cogwheel. Cif cogwheel for illustration. All of the cogwheel that is issued to me I must do certain I have everything at all times. otherwise if I lose a piece of gear I must make full out a losing cogwheel statement. acquire it signed off by my subdivision caput. the platoon sergeant. and my platoon officer. I ever have to do certain that all my cogwheel is clean before any sort of field op. I have girls placed gear earlier in the past because I didn’t keep path of it. Every twenty-four hours a Marine loses a piece of cogwheel. whether it is from a field op. traveling barracks suites. or when I am acquiring ready to travel on one-year leave.

When you foremost look into into any unit. whether its recruit preparation. Marine combat preparation. military occupational forte. or your specific unit after all of your preparation is completed. Even so. as a Marine in the fleet marine force. you have opportunities to travel to school which train you more in deepness of your minutes. When there. they issue you the basic things you need for that sort of preparation environment. Like motor vehicle operators class. you are given everything that was issued to you in boot cantonment. Flak Kevlar. sapi home bases. chief battalion. cold conditions cogwheel. an assault battalion. and many other things.

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Some of the cogwheel that is issued to you has a consecutive figure on it. That figure is specifically issued to you. so that manner when you turn everything back in after you reenlist. got out of the military. personal computers. or perchance alteration to a different minute. division supply can track precisely what was issued to you. and the day of the month when it was really issued to you straight.

Like I said before. you even have to maintain path of your personal cogwheel. For illustration. anything you wear. or something that you buy from the shop. you either have to do certain that you keep path of who uses it. or who you lend it to. Cammies for illustration. you ever have to do certain that you ever look squared away otherwise you have to travel purchase more material to maintain everything together.

But the biggest issue in the Marine Corps is existent cif gear none of it is inexpensive at all. For illustration. if you lose even merely one sapi plate=e. you write the losing gear statement. so you go to ipac to register the paper work. Once all that is done so nevertheless much it cost to replace that point you either pay out of your ain pocket. or that money comes straight out of your pocket.

Peoples say gear adrift is a gift. But really gear adrift can do everything written above. plus if person know who really took the cogwheel. and so it becomes larceny. And on top of losing cogwheel or misplacing cogwheel. you your ego is charged. and can be njp’d for those actions.

In personal experiences that I have had myself and my two roomies had got put on a working party and when we left our barracks room we had left the door unlocked along with a twosome of locks on our personal material like casket racks or wall cabinets. So when we got back from our working party we realized that we were losing cogwheel and we were gross outing out seeking to happen out what had happened to a clump of our gear come to happen out that we left material unbarred and our sergeants came by our room to see if we were back from our working party yet. Once they realized that we were still gone they decided to take some of our cif cogwheel to seek to learn us a lesson. That lesson made all of us is to be more careful about doing certain that we lock everything up. Once we realized how much money all of the cogwheel we left unbarred would hold costed us is what truly made us recognize that we had to be a batch more responsible and do certain everything was ever secured if we were non in our room.

The gas mask was one of the things that was taken and that entirely would hold costed about $ 1500. You can’t be merely puting material around without person watching it at all times. If you leave your rifle lying around when you are in a combat zone so there is a opportunity of person catching it and perchance pain or even killing a batch of your fellow Mariness. If you lose a piece of cogwheel while you are in the field so the full field op will halt making what they are making and you will all hunt for that losing piece of serialized cogwheel. Losing a piece of cogwheel could besides be a direct misdemeanor of article 108 of the UCMJ. Misdemeanor of article 108 could perchance be resulted by a tribunal Martial and bad behavior discharge and parturiency for a twelvemonth. If you are non being responsible about gear answerability so that could potentially happen its manner back and do your higher ups expression bad. Another ground that gear answerability is of import is because all of the cogwheel that you are issued is re issued to another Marine after you turn it back in that is why it is besides of import that you do non lose any of you gear no affair how large or little that piece of cogwheel might be.

If you lose adequate cogwheel so when you get tribunal soldierly so you are really passing more of the Marine corps money and doing them blow their clip making all of the paper work because you did non desire to be accountable for your cogwheel. another ground why the Marine corps is so rigorous on answerability is that out of all of the subdivisions of the military the marine corps has the smallest sum of money and does non hold to money to travel out and purchase more cogwheel that marines lost.

Gear answerability is non merely of import when you get to the fleet marine force but it is besides of import through marine corps recruit preparation. Marine combat preparation and besides through your military occupational forte school because if you have lost a piece of gear through any portion of that preparation and did non replace it so you will either hold to pay for it or they will non publish your cogwheel when you get to the fleet marine force unless you find a manner to unbend everything out with the issue section from the old topographic point that you were at. Gear answerability is so of import it is pathetic I don’t think that anyone wants to hold to pay the money for any cogwheel that is lost because a batch of our cogwheel can acquire really expensive. Such as merely our sapi home bases entirely could be up to about $ 2400.

This is all besides a good ground why you should non allow other Mariness use your cogwheel because they could lose your cogwheel and so you are the 1 that ends up holding to pay for it because you were the 1 that was issued that gear and most of it is serialized so they will cognize if some of the cogwheel that you are turning in was issued to you or person else. Every individual Marine is issued their ain cogwheel and is responsible for maintaining path or answerability for every individual piece of gear whether they think that piece of cogwheel is of import or non. It is their cogwheel they are responsible for doing certain that they have it. No affair what a Marine should non go forth any portion of their gear prevarication on the land and inquire person to watch it. They need to either travel put their cogwheel off where it belongs and do certain that they secure it or they merely need to take it with them wherever they go.

Even when you are in the field you need to be invariably look intoing to do certain that you still have all of your cogwheel because some Mariness look at the field as a opportunity to travel and see if they can steal excess cogwheel for themselves or pitch that they are losing or that one of their brothers is losing. Reasons like this is why gear answerability is so of import for every Marine in the full Marine Corps. No affair what your note or rank is you need to cognize where every individual piece of your cogwheel is at all times weather you need it at the clip or non because you ne’er know when you are really traveling to necessitate any of your cogwheel or certain pieces.

If you are non maintaining answerability so when it comes clip to catch certain pieces of cogwheel you will non cognize where it is precisely and you will blow more clip looking for it when you might non even have it any longer. But you would non cognize that until that minute happens because you were non being accountable of every individual piece of your cogwheel. You need to be certain that you are invariably look intoing to do certain that you still have all of your serialized cogwheel at all times every bit good. This essay explains why it is of import to maintain path of every individual piece of gear whether it is a piece of serialized cogwheel or non.

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