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The society for a long time has adhered to the notion that the difference that is currently seen between men and women is due to the biology that is involved. The peers, our traditions and the technological advancement in media make us behave in the way the other people view us. Due to our different genders, a lot is expected from us according to our gender. The type of sex we belong to is genetically identifiable while the gender we belong to is programmed in the social setting we are in. there are theories put on the table by scholars who portray a woman as loving and tender while men are dominant. In this essay, we are going to discussing and expound on the differences between male gender and the female gender according to the play by Susan Glaspell’s name Trifles and the gender roles in the 21st century.

In Susan Glaspell’s drama, ‘Trifles’, the behavior difference is being defined between the women and the men. The two genders are separated both geographically, motives and processes thus easily compared. The character action between the men in the play is demonstrated through the action and the plot which the play is. There is a timid and overlooked woman who made an appearance at the beginning of the play later becomes a detective who discounted men and discovered the clues that displayed a woman to be disillusioned. Women most often have succeeded in coming up with what happens by attempting to generate their thoughts. How the male and female carried their investigations on the murder case portray Mrs. right differently. Mr. Wright is seen by the men on an outside perspective and know him as a man who is hard but had known any cause whatsoever to believe that he wasn’t in the line of treatment of his wife. The women, on the other hand, looked at the plight of Mrs. Wright and could have been that she had been trapped inside the house. Women are sympathetic in nature even when they found out that Mrs. Wright more likely the murderer and they comprehended what they felt and her monotonous life with Mr. Wright. most people see herb as a whole person while the men view her as a murder suspect. Women understate the thought of being a man.

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The society in which we are living presently is growing consciously of the people who term themselves male or female, bisexual, queer, lesbian, and transgender. Even still in the 21st century, the problem of gender does not stop dead still at the roles, but its system has setbacks in relationship with equality. Feminism predicament which started back in the 19th century still stalls high in the basic societal systems and in the real world and the world of visuals in commercial adverts, magazines and the social media at large. Cosmopolitan which is a major magazine company represents stereotypes of role models towards women while the men’s health magazine is directed towards the male. In many cultures across the universe, women are seen as the ones who properly take care of the homes and do many small chores at home.

From making sure the events of the family are attended and met, to keeping the reputation of the family high, preparing meals for the family and ensure the cleanliness of the homestead, women are great aspects in the society. The value of the female was considered to lesser to that of the male thus were previously not allowed to take part in high echelons opportunities in religion, politics and social participation. Major gender inequalities were abolished with time and the ignorance barriers that hinder progression for prosperity and equality are slowly paving the way to a new dawn where women are seen as equally important as the dominant men. Women for a long period of time have been making efforts to get societal equality to much the male.

There is however progress in introducing women to various facets of the and that has seen women progress enormously like in entertainment, business, and politics. Societies regulate behavior patterns pertaining to genders and the social values expected of each gender. One of the characteristics of roles that were there is that men work outside and their women work inside. This was acceptable as it polarized gender and a good way for them to work and their families and it was a fixed natural result since time immemorial. However, this role is slowly taking another twist due to advertisements and the women want the revision of the gender roles. The idea about gender before the liberation of the women was termed a natural occurrence. The women pioneer for liberation claimed that the potential power and the ability that the women have and has been under restriction because of the gender role.

Bem (1974) came up with the concept of androgyny which the coexistent of the two characters in a person. It, therefore, believed to have both femininity and manhood and the androgyny people are believed to be ethical, self-respected, and stable than the fixed idea people. The role of women in the image has changed everything about the role of women in society because women no longer stick to doing their usual responsibilities. The socialization of women has changed and thus their social roles too due to mass consumption, advertisement and the rich information that are available elsewhere around popular websites.

According to scientists, advertisements have vast influence on consumers. Gender roles in advertisements would change traditional stereotypes against women and thus women can come up and voice for their inclusion in many males dominated fields on professional levels. These adverts mostly have a reflection of social change on stereotypes from a long time ago that deprived women of their chance to showcase their abilities and power that was under key and lock. Advertisements like the mirror have a reflection of social phenomenon and pathways in which to change gender roles in the society and not discriminate against women but accept them as equals in the eyes of all.

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