How I played the Main Character Ben From “Gizmo”

We all had to work individually and create a monologue explaining the situation the character was in and how they felt about it.

During the monologue I played the main character Ben and I explained how my friends and family tried so hard to make me happy but it never worked and unfortunately they left as they thought I was ungrateful but then I explained to the audience how I wanted to be left alone and to be able to do things on my own, I wanted to show the audience that my family and friends were making me feel young and stupid as they were doing everything for me, I wanted the audience to empathize with Ben.I explained what I used to love, for example: tennis, football, parties and etc before I turned paralysed, I wanted the audience to sympathize with Ben because he is not able to do the things he used to love. I also explained that a nurse named Brenda was looking after me and all she ever talked about was how annoying her kids were because all they ever talked about or wanted to do was sports like football and tennis, I wanted the audience to sympathise with Ben again because all she kept doing was complain and yet he wished he could go outside and enjoy sports with the kids.I wanted the audience to understand in detail how Ben felt about the whole situation.

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Another piece of drama we created was about Ben’s life. We were split into small groups to create a piece from. The form for the piece was still image and we also added narration, giving/telling each image a title. The first image was about Ben’s 5th birthday, we showed this because we wanted to show the audience that Ben was not always grumpy and sarcastic but a happy boy and that he had his friends and family with him.

The second image was about Ben winning at a tennis championship, we wanted to show the audience Ben was very good at sports, which would make the audience sympathise with Ben, as he cannot play sports anymore. The third image was about Ben having a great time with his friends at the bar, we wanted to show this image because the place that made Ben and his friends happy also turned out to be the place where the nightmare started.The forth image was Ben being happy and celebrating his new job at the bar, we wanted the audience to sympathise with Ben because his dream job turned into a horrible nightmare. The fifth image was about Ben’s family picture with Ben paralysed, we wanted to show this to show that his family were still there for him even after the accident.

The last image was about Ben being all by himself, we wanted to show this because it shows that even though his family were still there he felt lonely and odd because he was the only one unable to move, which made the audience sympathise with him.We had to bring are still images to life and to do that we had to add role play and cross cutting. With cross cutting we showed one scene about Ben talking to his sister about how his life changed and how he felt about it and the other scene was about Ben’s parents asking for money for Ben’s operation from Ben’s sister Rosalie and his best friend Charles as Ben’s parents did not have the money to pay for it and they were to old to work, Charles accepted the offer but Rosalie did not accept the offer as she never liked Ben.The two scenes connected when Rosalie walked into Ben’s room making fun of him as he was paralysed and the members of the family kicking her out as she was upsetting them.

In the first image I used monologue to show my character’s innermost thoughts. I wanted the audience to know how I was affected by the situation, I wanted the drama to deepen and the audience to get involved. I wanted the audience to sympathise with Ben. Saying to the audience about my hobbies made the audience sympathise with Ben because he will never be able to do his hobbies.

The audience sympathised with Ben and to know the audience were connecting with Ben some were saying things like ‘aw’ or ‘bless her/him’. In the second image we used role play to develop the characters. We wanted to portray all the characters connected to Ben. With the technique the audience sympathised with Ben because not all of his family members cared about him.

We used still image to show Ben’s life in detail, we wanted the audience to concentrate on the facial expressions and the boy language, we wanted them to understand the characters feelings.The images made the audience sympathise with Ben because the first 4 images showed how happy Ben, his family and friends were but then after the accident the last 2 images the happiness turned into sadness and despair. We used cross cutting to show the contrast in one scene the members of Ben’s family were shouting and angry and in the other scene it was all quiet and calm, this showed the audience that Ben was not the only one frustrated about the issue his family and friends were also angry, sad and annoyed about the issue.The last technique we used was narration to narrate what was going, we wanted the audience to empathise with Ben and to do that we made Ben narrate what was going on so they can understand the situation he was going through.

I created my character in my first piece by making my body parts fall to the ground, formed a sad smile on my face and looked directly at the audience, this showed that I was sad because I was paralysed and this should of made the audience sympathise with Ben because through his facial expressions they could see how the accident affected him.I created my character in the second piece by talking more formal and more porch to show that I was an older woman, for example: when Rosalie said Ben was useless I used the words ‘excuse me’ as it is more of what an adult would say, I acted like an older woman as I was Ben’s mum. I placed my left hand on my heart and shouted Rosalie’s name to show that I was shocked about what she said of what she thought of Ben.To show that I was angry I raised my voice, stood up and painted at Rosalie showing that I was still in control and that I was mad at her.

In the first still image I created my character by bending down to be at Ben’s level and next to him, miming me holding a cake by placing my hands in front of me and Ben and by smiling while looking at Ben, I wanted our levels to be the same to show friendship and not control and also to show that we were both important, I smiled to show that I was friendly and not harmful.In the first piece I made the audience sympathise with Ben by telling them how I loved sports and how it made always happy but now that I was paralysed it was impossible to do anything, which brought despair and sadness and it also made them sympathise with Ben’s friends and family because they were trying so hard to make happy but because he couldn’t move he was never happy.In the second piece I made the audience sympathise with Ben because he was so happy and active before the accident but after the accident his happiness turned into sadness and he was always quiet, showing that he wanted to be alone as seeing people move around or help him makes him think of the old good days. Also Rosalie made fun of Ben it made the audience sympathise with him again because they could see that he was trying to move and he was angry and yet he couldn’t do anything about it, he was telling her to stop and she just continued so the only thing he could do is listen to her insults.

In both scenes they had the same contrast as they both showed how happy they were with their family, friends and sports but after the incident all the love disappeared and the happiness and love turns into sadness and despair, this made the audience sympathise with Ben as he will never be able to do anything again. Also in the second piece during the cross cutting there was a contrast where in one scene they were calm and quiet while in the other scene they were shouting and angry, this showed the audience that Ben’s family members were also annoyed and frustrated about the situation.The levels used on the second piece was also a contrast as Ben was sat down on a chair paralysed while his little sister was stood up looking down at him, this showed the audience that Ben was treated like a little kid as he was paralysed and people had to do things for him as he couldn’t move, which him look stupid, young and useless.One the second piece the fifth image represented family love as on the picture we all hand one hand on a family member’s shoulder to show we stick together and that we love each other.

I represented paralyse by trying to make my legs, arm, hand and hands drop to the floor, this must of made the audience empathise with Ben as they knew what was wrong with him.

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