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At eighteen you can legally purchase certain firearms. You can also earn your concealed carrying permit. This permit allows you to carry a firearm. At twenty-one you are allowed to purchase a handgun, and as long as you have your permit you can carry your handgun on your person. There are several more laws than these simple, common sense laws. Although gun laws help keep this nation safer, the laws can be unfair to many responsible tizzies who have earned their right to carry their firearm. An example of a group of people who are against gun control laws is the National Rifle Association. Scalia, 2011) They are against these laws because they feel the laws violate the second amendment right. (Reassessing, 1991 ) The second amendment right was created in the seventeen-hundreds, when our country was first being founded. William Lambert created the amendment. The amendment was adopted into our constitution on December 15th, 1 971. (Wisped, 2011) The constitution help create what laws we have in place today. The second amendment is basically a right Americans are born with, and are proud to be able to have the right to this amendment.

No one should be able to totally change an amendment like the second one. It is old, and it is a part of our Country’s history. America never would have been the same if this amendment was never created. One law that has always been important, to me, is that convicted felons are not permitted to own a firearm. Generally, convicted felons have committed a violent crime. People who commit violent crimes do not deserve to own a gun, and with all the violence rounding the American people, presently, this is a fair law.

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As a responsible citizen you should not commit felony crimes, especially if you know that you can ruin your life, and loose the respect of law enforcement. Following the law is a responsibility to be carried out by the citizens of America. When people break the law, they should expect to suffer the consequences. Laws are not put into place for no reason. Therefore, if people are committing felony acts, the citizens abiding by the laws should not be punished for these felons’ actions. Jail was created for that kind of punishment.

Gun control laws help to protect people, and keep guns out of criminals’ hands. Although these laws are put in place, that doesn’t mean that these criminals can’t get their hands onto a weapon. Although they may not get their weapon legally, they can still get them form the streets. Some people think that getting rid of guns all together is the answer to ending gun violence. An example of a person who against getting rid of guns to stop violence is an author named John Stole. He wrote an argument about this epic. Stole, 2007) The federal government is very strict when it comes to weapons being purchased. Retail stores have strict regulations, and have to call the FBI to conduct a criminal back round check, to see if the purchaser is eligible for ownership. If the person comes back with no felonies, they can purchase their weapon. Sometimes it is unfair to the purchaser if the gun is put on hold due to their name being a common one. It can take days to conclude a background check. This can be an annoyance when someone needs protection immediately.

Personal information is also has to be given over the phone to the FBI; I don’t think that should be allowed. Criminals have caused many hardships on legal owners. Extra restrictions keep causing more problems for responsible gun owners to use their second amendment right. This is a problem for law enforcement, not the citizens following the laws. Law enforcement needs to step up, and crack down on illegal gun ownership. Do not punish legal weapon carriers, and purchasers. Gun ownership is a sensitive subject. Thousands view this topic different.

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