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Position paper on gun control

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Gun control is a major topic that almost any given American has an opinion on due to the different events that have happened in the last decade and even prior to that. Many are for removing the right for average citizens to own a gun. Believe though that the implementation of gun control could not only be catastrophic for the economy, but also could have a negative effect on the number of casualties and massacres that are believed to be caused by our right to bear arms.

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Position paper on gun control
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Many people propose that civilians having access to firearms is the cause of o many massacres and casualties. Gun control activist believe that the most efficient way to cut these numbers would be to ban firearms altogether or make obtaining firearms a very difficult process. Though most criminals do not go through the process Of registering and purchasing a firearm as a legal transaction, most firearms that are used in crime are bought off of the street.

Therefore, see making the process to obtain firearms legally more strenuous as being a complete waste of time and effort.

The ban of firearms altogether I believe could be a huge mistake. The article “Firearm Safety in America 2013” by NEAR-AIR suggests that “The number of privately owned guns in the U. S. Is at an all-time high, upwards of 300 million, and now rises by 10 million per year. ” If there were a law put into place removing the right for the average citizen to own a firearm then only the law abiding citizens will listen and respond to that law, Leaving millions of firearms in criminals hands, and nothing in the hands of the people with respect of the law.

As Jeffrey Goldberg suggests in “The Case for More Guns and More Gun Control)” there is no practical way for the united States to find and take over 300 million guns from people who do not want their guns taken. I propose Jeffrey Goldberg idea, “an effective way to combat guns is with more guns. ” He goes onto say that “Today, more than 8 million vetted and (depending on the state) trained law-abiding citizens possess state-issued “concealed carry” handgun permits” (Goldberg).

This many law-abiding citizens with legal permits to own and carry firearms, that have been trained with firearms, is like having 8 million more police officers among us that can offer protection not only to themselves but also each of us along with our families (Goldberg). Therefore, I propose that we urge and suggest that more people apply and go through the training courses to obtain a “concealed carry” permit, by doing this criminals will be more likely to think twice before committing a crime.

I believe not only will gun control negatively effect the casualty rate but it can also create more economic hardship in a time when this sort of thing could not be more devastating for Americans. Due to the threats put on eying a firearm by gun control activists the firearm business is booming. It is stated in “New gun laws could mean economic woes for booming gun industry” that these high demands of firearms have produced over 37,000 new jobs in America, the average salary of those jobs are $47,000 per year (Plotters). With unemployment at such a high rate we cannot afford to lose this many jobs.

This article also states in 2012 the firearm industry paid $5. 1 billion in federal taxes and caused $33. 6 billion in economic activity (Plotters). Even with this much economic help offered by the gun industry omen states are cracking down on the industry and possibly forcing them to shut down their entire operation (Plotters). For example, Connecticut is considering a policy that only allows for the firearms to be made in the state but sold in the state, which could be devastating for firearm specialists in that area (Plotters).

Where there are states trying to shut down gun operations, some are jumping at the opportunity to create jobs and give economic stability to their own state (Plotters). “New gun laws could mean economic woes for the booming gun industry” states, “Last month, Texas Gob. Rick Perry sent a letter to 26 gun companies inviting them to relocate their manufacturing operations to Texas” (Plotters). This could be a great opportunity for companies such as Mossberg & Sons which is located in Connecticut, where the laws that have been proposed could effect 50 percent of their product line.

The move to Texas could be just the thing they need if these laws were put into place (Plotters). If large companies such as this were to make such a dramatic move, for the state they are now located in it would not only diminish the jobs and funds the company itself brought to the rear, but also everything from the company in which the parts in product came from, to the food the employees purchased (Deuteron). At such a rough time here in America new laws such as these would only create more economic hardship.

Due to the drastic effects that new gun laws could have on America as a whole, believe they would be a terrible and inefficient way to achieve what it wanted and that is a safer America. There are other options to consider that would have less of a negative impact on us as Americans. For example, as suggested promoting concealed carry permits. These permits could stimulate the economy due to the taxes put on them, and also give peace of mind to Americans as to their safety.

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