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Gung Ho. Difference in Japanese and American Work Culture

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  • Pages 2
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    In class we have recently just finished the movie Gung-Ho that illustrates to us the many difference between American and Japanese cultures. Although this movie focused on the difference between the work cultures, we still learn about the difference in way of life. In the movie Gung-Ho, a Japanese motor company comes to America to manufacture cars for the U. S. With in the first day of operations we see that the Japanese have a very different way of managing.

    At the beginning of the workday they expected all of the employees to stretch and warm up. In America the workers were not used to this kind of operation. Also the Japanese management expected each worker to take pride in the company and do what ever it took to make the company succeed. To them that meant to work overtime with no pay, skip lunches/breaks, and even work in other stations to help catch up. At the time in America, it was custom for Americans to learn one position and keep that job until you were promoted or retired.

    If the company failed then it brought shame to the families. Not much has changed with the Japanese culture since the making of Gung-Ho. The Japanese are still hard working, dedicated, and loyal individuals who take great pride in their work. There are some scenes in the movie that’s show the differences in the way of life between the American families and the Japanese families. The one scene that stands out is when the executives of ASAN motors are having dinner and the start to discuss business.

    All of the Japanese women left the table so that the men could further discuss the company. The American women did not; she was curious and wanted to learn more about the company. That was not custom for the Japanese businessman. Another scene that comes to mind is when the plant manager’s wife asked him to put together the bike for their son. He refused because he had work to do. Work is a main focus of the Japanese life and the family should be supportive of the male’s role in a business.

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