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Happiness Essay Topics & Ideas

✒️ Persuasive Essay Topics About Happiness

  1. “What Happiness Is” by Eduardo Porter
  2. 7 Tips to Increase Employee Happiness and Productivity
  3. 7 Ways to Boost Your Happiness Level Instantly
  4. 9 Ways to Finding Happiness
  5. A Brief Analysis on The Correlation Between Income Rates, Emotional Well-being and Happiness
  6. A Comparison of Happiness and Power in “Paradise Lost” and “A Doll’s House”
  7. A Good Career Is the Key to Happiness
  8. A History of Happiness
  9. A Pursuit of Happiness a Movie Review
  10. A Pursuit to Compromise Happiness
  11. A Research on Finding Happiness in New Science of Happiness
  12. A Review of The Movie, Pursuit of Happiness Featuring Will Smith
  13. A Study of Family Issues in Pursuit of Happiness by Gabriele Muccino
  14. American Literature: Pursuit of Happiness
  15. Analyzing The Three Types of Happiness
  16. Anna Karenina in Pursuit of Happiness
  17. Another Country: Finding Happiness in Homosexuality, Overcoming Rejection, Identity, and Desire
  18. Aristotle and John Stuart Mill on Happiness and Morality
  19. Aristotle Life And Happiness
  20. Aristotle vs Plato’s View on Happiness
  21. Art Makes Happiness Seem Attainable
  22. Brave New World – Manufactured Happiness
  23. Can Money Buy Happiness
  24. Cause of Happiness
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✨ Best happiness Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Caf? Lattes and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. meet at a local Starbucks, have a grande Café Latte, and discuss their visions of what type of society best supports the pursuit of happiness. They agree on most aspects, but disagree on one aspect. ….
  2. Why Happiness is the Goal of Human Life
    Is life really about the ‘money’, the ‘cash’, the ‘hoes’, who has the biggest gold chain or who drives the shiniest or fastest car, who sells the most albums or who has the most respect? Aristotle challenges views, which are similar to the ones held ….
  3. Pursuit of Happiness and The American Dream
    The American dream and education is the pursuit of happiness which the individuals can follow to walk on the path of success. The dream of accomplishing the educational goals as well as personal goals that can contribute to society. It also covers ….
  4. A Formula for Happiness
    A formula embodied in the gospel of Jesus Christ reveals the pathway to happiness. It is a plain and precious truth found throughout the Book of Mormon. It is described particularly well in the teachings of the prophet Lehi to his sons as he neared ….
  5. Story “The Happy Prince“ Important Lessons about Happiness
    It is very difficult to feel the true happiness unless you realize what happiness means to you. One can earn his or her so called “ happiness “only by thinking of himself or herself in the first place whenever doing something . From the Story “ The ….
  6. Factors that show the real happiness
    One quote from “A Formula for Happiness” is “Happiness has traditionally been considered an elusive and evanescent thing. ” Macbeth takes place in Scotland in the early sass’s Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will ….
  7. Pursuit of Happiness Film Review
    The movie Pursuit of Happyness is a very good representation of how hard life can be for some people. In this case, the person was Chris who was struggling to hold onto a job and provide for his family. Due to the difficulty of holding onto a job, ….
  8. Link Between Money and Happiness in “The Great Gatsby”
    In today’s society, the idea that money can buy happiness is prevalent in the ordinary lives of most people. As a society we often equate the attainment of money or power with happiness. In many cases obtaining wealth or power does not always ….
  9. Money and Happiness in “The Great Gatsby”
    “Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.” This quote by Benjamin Franklin shows, like in The Great Gatsby, money can’t buy happiness. First, the author ….
  10. Is Happiness Imaginary or Not?
    “Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly often attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children and by children to adults.” -Thomas Szasz- Szasz is stating that happiness is imaginary. If he is saying this, he ….
  11. Is Money a Measure of Happiness
    The measure of happiness through Quantitative data could be money. A Quantity of money a person has, and how satisfied they are with it, it could mean a lot to one. A person can buy anything they want with money and have a luxury life, while some ….
  12. Can Money Buy Happiness or Not
    It is debatable to say whether money can buy happiness. While many of us go through life with pursuit of money on our minds, we are often told money can’t buy happiness. Some say that money provides basic comforts like shelter, food, power and that ….
  13. Importance of Happiness
    Our state of happiness or unhappiness colors everything. Happy people perceive the world as safer and feel more confident. They make decisions, cooperate more easily, and are more tolerant. They rate job applicants more favorably, savor their ….
  14. Effects That Money Has on Our Happiness
    Over the years, there has been an extensive amount of research put into the effects money has on our happiness. People from all across the world, especially the United States, would become ecstatic after hearing from their boss that they have earned ….
  15. The American Dream And Pursuit Of Happiness
    The term “The American Dream” was coined in 1931 by James Truslow Adams.the statement refers to a dream of equality of all people with fair opportunities. During 1931 in the United States unemployment was up16.3% and the stock market crashed in 1929…..
  16. How to Achieve True Happiness of Life
    Now days we see that mental illnesses like depression and being hopeless about future are spreading rapidly among masses. From a man living in the card box/shelter house to the man living in a luxury Mansion both are facing these types of mental ….
  17. Utilitarianism and Greatest Happiness
    Utilitarianism begins with the work of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), an English political and social reformer. Educated at Oxford, Bentham eventually headed up a small group of thinkers called the “Philosophical Radicals.” This group, which included ….
  18. COncept of positive psychology in movie pursuit of happiness
    Historically, Americans have flocked to theaters to find happiness, hope and heroes in film. Film producers were enormously successful at drawing in audiences and inspiring audience. In recent years, however, most movies have been more depressing ….
  19. Happiness Express Inc
    The primary audit objectives of confirming a client’s year-end accounts receivable include occurrence and accuracy of realizable value. Auditors would like to make sure that the transaction generating the accounts receivable actually occurs, and ….
  20. Concepts of Morality and Happiness in The Ring of Gyges
    The story about of “The Ring of Gyges” is a question of morality that compels the reader to ask himself and evaluate his own morality, that is, whether or not he considers himself moral or immoral. Although morality is not all-or-nothing, given the ….

✍ Interesting Essay Topics About Happiness

  1. Challenges of Knowing Yourself and the Quesr for Happiness
  2. Cheating, Unfaithfulness And Happiness
  3. Children and Happiness
  4. Comparing the Poem Richard Corey with Money and Happiness
  5. Corruption and Control Within The One-state: an Attempt to Eliminate Happiness to Maintain Power
  6. Credit on Happiness and Subjective Well-being of Labor
  7. Definition Essay on Happiness
  8. Discussion of Whether Money Can Buy Happiness
  9. Discussion on The Importance of The Pursuit of Happiness
  10. Discussion on Whether Money Can Buy Happiness for You
  11. Discussion on Whether Success is More Important than Happiness
  12. Discussion: Money Can’t Buy Happiness
  13. Do Rules Contribute to a Persons Happiness
  14. Does money bring happiness
  15. Does More Money Equals Happiness
  16. Does Wealth Lead to Happiness
  17. Drama Analysis of The Pursuit of Happiness Movie
  18. Education and Happiness
  19. Evaluation of Authentic Happiness
  20. Excessive Happiness with Patch Adams
  21. Fame: Happiness and People
  22. Family and Happiness
  23. Four Things To Do to Increase One’s Level of Contentment and Happiness
  24. Freedom vs Happiness in Brave New World
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Informative Essay Topics About Happiness

  1. Gratitude and Acceptance as The Key to Happiness
  2. Great Essentials for Happiness
  3. Greatest Happiness Principle
  4. Gross domestic product v gross national happiness
  5. Happiness & Economic Growth
  6. Happiness and Christmas
  7. Happiness and Liberal Model
  8. Happiness and Life Satisfaction – Our World in Data
  9. Happiness and Money
  10. Happiness and Veronica S Life
  11. Happiness and Vulnerability of Childhood in “Dubliners”
  12. Happiness and Work
  13. Happiness as a Goal in I Stand Here Ironing
  14. Happiness Can Be Found in Unlikely Circumstances
  15. Happiness Effect Of Reading
  16. Happiness Express, Inc
  17. Happiness for Aristotle and Plato
  18. Happiness for Our Life
  19. Happiness Found in Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde
  20. Happiness frames a focal subject of Buddhist lessons For extreme opportunity from
  21. Happiness in China
  22. Happiness in Marriage
  23. Happiness is a Choice
  24. Happiness Is a Global Pursuit

Happiness Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Happiness Is Real When Shared
  2. Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life
  3. Happiness Levels and Income Levels
  4. Happiness Theme in I Am Sam
  5. Happiness you can’t under on depression
  6. Health vs Happiness
  7. How Being a Millionaire Affects Your Happiness
  8. How Can Ethics Help to Achieve Happiness
  9. How is happiness conveyed in Jane Austen’s Emma and Charlotte Bronte’s Villette?
  10. How Kingwall Searches for Human Happiness in Pursuit of Happiness
  11. How to Achieve Happiness in Life?
  12. How to Balance Personal Happiness and Financial Security
  13. Hu300 Unit 7 Views on Happiness
  14. Human Nature and Happiness as Shown by Marx and Freud in Communist Manifesto
  15. I Believe in Happiness
  16. Identity Defined Through Happiness
  17. If You’re Happy and You Know It – Happiness
  18. Ignorance Is Happiness
  19. Incivility at Workplace: How it Affects Happiness
  20. Increase Your Happiness
  21. Individual Happiness and Responsibility in “The Glass Menagerie”
  22. Individual Happiness Contributes to the Harmonious Society
  23. Individualism and Happiness
  24. John Stuart Mill: Greatest Happiness Principle
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Happiness Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Jon Gertner’s The Futile Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Katherine Mansfield’s Presentation of Happiness
  3. Key to happiness
  4. Lamp at Noon and the Pursuit of Happiness Comparison
  5. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  6. Literature Review of The Hardships and Happiness in Our Lives
  7. Love and Happiness
  8. Marriage and Happiness
  9. Materialism and Happiness in America
  10. Materialistic Attitude to Happiness in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald I
  11. Meaning of life – Happiness
  12. Memories of Happiness and Accomplishments in My Life
  13. Mill Happiness Theory
  14. Money and Happiness: Can Money Buy Happiness
  15. Money Bring Happiness
  16. Money Can Not Buy Happiness
  17. Money Can’t Buy Happiness
  18. Money Can’t Buy Happiness and Satisfaction
  19. Money cannot buy happiness
  20. Money Does Not Bring Happiness
  21. Money Does Not Guarantee Happiness
  22. Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness
  23. Money Is It the Source of Happiness
  24. Must a Person be Moral In Order to Obtain True Happiness

⭐ Happiness Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. My Idea of Happiness
  2. My Version of Happiness
  3. Narrative Essay. A Day of Mixed Happiness and Sadness
  4. Oliver finds happiness and security
  5. Optimism Plays a Key Role in Happiness
  6. Pain or Happiness
  7. Persuasion of Happiness
  8. Physical/practical and Mental Exercises to Achieve Happiness
  9. Poetry and Happiness
  10. Positive emotions and global happiness
  11. Poverty is a Great Enemy to Human Happiness
  12. Pride and Prejudice: Love and Happiness
  13. Proven Methods to Increase Your Happiness Hormones Naturally
  14. Pursuit of Happiness In “You Learn by Living”
  15. Pursuit of Happiness Movie Review
  16. Pursuit of Happiness Will Smith Speech
  17. Reflections: About Happiness
  18. Relationship Between Money and Happiness
  19. Representation of Modern Man’s Pursuit Of Happiness
  20. Resilience and Happiness of Single Parents
  21. Review of Neuro-scientific Theory of Happiness
  22. Rosseau’s Source of Happiness in The Fifth Walk
  23. Social Norms and The Pursuit of Happiness in “The Awakening”
  24. Social Stereotypes and Happiness
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