Pursuit of Happiness and The American Dream

The American dream and education is the pursuit of happiness which the individuals can follow to walk on the path of success. The dream of accomplishing the educational goals as well as personal goals that can contribute to society. It also covers the concept that the government should protect the right of every American to seek their own ideas of the dream and happiness. The American dream may vary from person to person but if we bring together the basic idea it is financially stabilized, owning a two-story home, and a white picket fence with a rich green yard.

Every individual must be offered equal opportunities that can assist in the accomplishment of these goals and dreams. The most essential step is that everyone must be able to get proper education, scholarships for universities, and other resources that can fulfill the career goals at the maximum level. Successful students will be an asset to the country that will work for the development, making their own lives better as well as giving back to the country. Appropriate job opportunities with justified salary and other incentives are a must as everyone wants to be rewarded for their efforts and attain financial stability in life.

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Moreover, high achieving students can contribute to the research studies to bring in new innovations and ideas. The education is free from kindergarten till high school which is really great as every American even if they can’t afford the education can at least educate their kids till high school. This is perhaps the most important step that has added to the idea of a successful American dream and education. Although, in order to enhance academic skills and further progress with the career goals, post-high school academic education is essential. Here, the students have two options, either they can pay up for college on their own or apply for some government application form that will provide the scholarship for college on the condition that they secure high marks till their graduation. Some students also opt for the diploma which is comparatively cheaper but can really boost up their portfolio. But the greater advancement can be achieved only through college education as here the in-depth study and research are done by students on focused fields or subjects. The college students select the field they are interested in, after that there is a 2 to 6 years program that consists of various courses related to the field. These courses provide proper exposure to the students and give them the perspective about the practical implementation and problem-solving skills of the selected field of study. The students are responsible to fulfill all the requirements of the college, they must appear in all oral, written, and practical exams in order to attain the graduation degree. The universities and college help the students to build up essential skills like brainstorming, working on actual projects, identifying the problems, and acquiring the knowledge to provide appropriate solutions. Engineering, medical, law, and other subjects like these are considered noble pursuit is American society. The degree awarded in such fields also have greater values compared to the degree of arts and humanities. This does not mean that other subjects are not important, if the student is passionate about a particular field and is dedicated then he can make great achievements in any field of study regardless of the value set by the society. The individuals who successfully complete their education are capable to work on complex jobs that offer high salaries which help in the accomplishment of the American dream. The hard work and dedication can change the lives, the student nourished in a college environment is well informed and has enchanted knowledge and skills that make one a well-rounded person. Moreover, this also helps them to make informed decisions about life, gives a broader perspective about different elements in society. All this results in shaping a society that can be considered well developed and ethical. This ultimately represents America and the positivity of the idea behind the concept of the American dream.

To sum up, the American dream is the one where the individual is well settled and has a reputable personality in society. This dream can be obtained through hard work and deviation, one does not simply need a college degree to be successful. The actual knowledge and education that one acquires is the main force behind the accomplishment of the American dream. The individuals must avail every opportunity and seize every moment to get the right education that can alter their life and ultimately fulfills their concept of the American dream.

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