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Story “The Happy Prince“ Important Lessons about Happiness

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It is very difficult to feel the true happiness unless you realize what happiness means to you. One can earn his or her so called “ happiness “only by thinking of himself or herself in the first place whenever doing something . From the Story “ The Happy Prince “ important lessons can be learnt about happiness . I think “ Happy Prince “ truly realized his happiness through his three valuable personality traits. First, and most importantly ,happy prince is a human-being of great conscience. Having an inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct is an important trait .

For The Happy Prince , this trait is the most visible .

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Story “The Happy Prince“ Important Lessons about Happiness
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After witnessing all the misery, sadness in his city, he admitted by saying , e. g, quote “When I was alive and had a human heart,” answered the statue, “I did not know what tears were, for I lived in the Palace of Sans-Souci, where sorrow is not allowed to enter. ” Happy Prince displayed his conscience when he finally faced the reality .

Second, one of the essential personality traits that helped happy prince reach his happiness is that he was very inspirational. Inspiration comes only when you desire to achive something, similarly, in the story of Happy Prince , he persuaded a little wallow into becoming his courier and do his commandments . After doing Prince’s commands , helping people in the city . the little swallow felt inspired , quote:” It is curious . ” he remarked . “but I feel quite warm now ,although it is cold. ”

Consequently, it is Happy Prince that inspired the swallow to feel happiness . Finally, to fulfill his true happiness , Happy Prince showed his ultimate generosity to his people in the city . Happy prince did all he can to help the poor he was willing to share his real happiness with the poor even when he had to sacrifice is valuable possessions , such as , quote: “ I am covered with fine gold,” “you must take it off , leaf by leaf, and give it to my poor; the living always think that gold can make them happy. ” In return his generosity helped him find his real happiness. In conclusion, to feel a real happiness , one should develop some form of personality traits , that is , being of conscience. , inspirational, and generous . by being committed to these traits , one can learn always to consider other people first from their perspective putting himself or herself in the situation like Happy Prince.

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