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Heraldry Project

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  • Pages 4
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    Colors: There are quite a few colors represent things that have to do with combat and strength in heraldry, but in times when many people had empire and wars, it isn’t so surprising. Also, everyone was Christian back then, so there were also colors and symbols for that as well (especially symbols). Colors had a great deal of meaning on shields. Imagine a coat of arms without any color! It wouldn’t look good… – Green Green, or Vert represents hope and joy. For me personally, it relates a lot. I usually look at a hard math problem, for example, and say “I can’t do this! This requires concepts that I learned this week! I hate math!” This is my reaction to a typical hard math problem. I need to improve this, and it relates to joy because clearly, it doesn’t make me feel joyous. But it relates even more to hope. I never really give up on the problems, but if they are hard enough, I will get them wrong.

    This makes me feel very annoyed and mad, and soon I start getting problems that I get wrong. Within a few minutes, I completely lose hope. Both of these topics relate to each other as well. When I lose Hope, I have less joy. This can be seen in not just math problems, but games, sports, and anything else you could fail in. That is why it’s on my shield. That is the type of person I want to be. – Silver or White Silver and White, or Argent represents peace and sincerity. I think that it’s more about peace for me, but everyone can improve on something. I am really aggressive towards my brothers, and yes, they are annoying, but it’s still something I can improve upon. I even did my vocabulary essay on it. now that I’m writing about it again, I’m really starting to think about it. I want to be nicer with my brothers. I hate it when my mom and dad shout at me for hurting them, even if it’s not entirely my fault.

    It also represents sincerity, but it’s not my biggest concern. – Red Red generally means fortitude and military strength. I have a few objects on my shield that represent that, since I am pretty shy, puny, and small, and I have a few objects on my shield that represent strength and bravery. But perhaps this is best represented by a color, and that color is red. It has to do with resilience, bravery, and strength, which sums up all of the objects related to it in just one color. I don’t really have much of it. I also am not in the military…But I don’t thinkI want to unless I’m a medic of some sort Symbols: Colors aren’t the only things that have meaning in the coat of arms. Symbols also have a large amount of importance. If you think of a heraldic shield, you recognize it’s importance through the symbols and objects on it. If you saw a shield that was just one solid color with no designs of any kind, it might be worse than if a shield had symbols but no color. Again, many symbols represented military strength, bravery, and more. A lot of them–but not as many–also had to do with religion. In any case, it had great importance in the world of heraldry. – Cross When you put a cross on a shield, it symbolizes that you’re Christian and you have christian faith. I am Christian, and so are my mom, brothers, Brazilian family, and others.

    My dad’s side isn’t very Christian, though. – Ant The ant represent labor and work. It is an uncommon thing to see on heraldic shields, but I like ants and I believe that I am hardworking, and so did many other people I asked. The problem is that I get distracted. I also don’t like doing work, although you can argue that everyone doesn’t like doing work. I put this on my shield because that’s what people think of me. I can’t tell if it’s because of the school I go to or if they really think I work hard, but the school requires a fair amount of work out of their students. I can thank my mom, dad, and teachers for requiring me to do my work. All I can say is that that’s who I am, and I wan’t to continue being that way. – Boar’s Head A boar’s head is a more modern ting to see on family crests, and it represents hospitality. It is not to be confused with the actual boar, which has a different meaning.

    My brothers might argue that I am most definitely not hospitable, but what they don’t realize is how bad I feel about it. Ever since 2nd grade I’ve wanted to be a doctor, and when somebody thinks doctor, they think “healing and hospitality!”. I try to be hospitable, but It’s hard. It’s something I am, and it’s something I want to improve upon. – Shell A shell is one of the less known objects in heraldry. It means quite a few things, but in my project, I focused on one: Fidelity. Fidelity means loyalty and obedience. Another problem in my house is that none of the kids really obey. Many nights I go to bed later than I should. I don’t know why. I just wish I could behave better, and the fact that there are 3 small mischievous boys in the house doesn’t help. That is something I have to improve upon as well.  The Star, or mullet, represents honor, achievement, and hope. It also symbolizes the third son in the family. I am the third and oldest son. But more importantly

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