Hero’s Journey “The Chronicles of Narnia”

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In The Chronicles of Narnia, the ordinary world is the kids treating Lucy like she is a baby. Lucy knows she is more mature than what they say about her. She isn’t treated good by her brother Edmund. The call to adventure is when Lucy is looking for a place to hide while she is playing hide and seek with her brothers and sister. She was stepping back in the wardrobe and fell into another land. Lucy meets a fawn named Mr. Tumnus and it doesn’t take long for her to become friends with him. Mr. Tumnus invites Lucy to his home then he tells her stories of the White Witch and the winter spell she cast on Narnia.

The refusal of the call is when Lucy brings her family to Narnia so they can see it too. When the meet the mentor, they are meeting a lion named Aslan. Aslan is the king of Narnia. Along the way, they meet beavers and become friends with them, so the beavers lead them to Aslan at a training camp. At the training camp, everyone is preparing for a war against the White Witch and her supports and Aslan and his supporters. Aslan teachers the Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy that they need to be brave, strong, wise, and clever when they are in a battle. Crossing the first threshold happened when Lucy fell into Narnia from the wardrobe. From that point, she had a mission of saving Narnia. A test is the message of Aslan’s death. Allies are Aslan and his army. Enemies are the White Witch and her army.

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The approach was when Aslan was killed on the stone table because he took Edmund’s place. Lucy feels like the White Witch’s power will increase from Aslan’s death. Lucy thinks they will lose the war because of this. Ordeal is when Aslan dies on the stone table. Lucy is unsure what she will do without him. The stone table breaks and Aslan rises again because of his clean spirit. Aslan, Susan, and Lucy all go to the White Witch’s castle and bring Mr. Tumnus back. Then they go back to where the war is and finish fighting with everyone. After the battle is finished, the reward is after Lucy uses the magical bottle of juice stuff she got to go and heal everyone good that is wounded. Then comes the time where Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are all crowned kings and queens.

The road back is when they spend a long time in Narnia and even grow up there. They were all riding horse having fun, they saw the light post and followed it and then they go back through the wardrobe and all get younger. They found out they were really only gone for a couple hours. Their lives returned to normal because they weren’t actually gone for as long as they thought that they were. They know they always have a home in Narnia though.

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