Chronicles of Narnia: Assignment

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They are home at the professor’s house, then they go to Marina through the wardrobe and at last they are home at the professor’s house again.

Actinic model: Helper. Subject. Opponent Sender D .Object. Receiver Helper = Tumulus, the beavers and Aslant Subject = The Penknives Opponent = The white witch Sender = Aslant Object = Marina Receiver = The Penknives.

He betrays them and is very naive, because he trusts the white witch and because he so deeply wants Turkish delight. He believes the queen, because he promises him, that the will become a King of Marina.

Edmund is very mean against his sisters and brother. The deeper magic knows what is wrong and what is right and because of Aslant faith in the deeper Magic, he survives. Because of the magic and supernatural creatures. There are a lot of fantasy and things that isn’t normal in our world and that catches small children. A witch is always evil and so is the white witch in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The witch, her people and the always cold winter characterize the bad and evil in Marina.

Aslant, the friendly lion is a symbol of peace and good in the story; he and his people are trying to save Marina. In the story we also see how it becomes spring and the trees blooms; it shows us a sign of the good. The two Christian characters Eve and Adam (Which are the names the children are called, sons and daughters of Eve and Adam) are biblical parallels. In the story the lion Aslant is seen as Jesus Christ, because of his retelling of events in Jesus life – just in a way that is easier for children to understand.

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