Nuclear Energy as Clean Source of Energy for the World

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At present we rely on oil for most our energy needs. However, oil is a fosil fuel and causes air pollution, and it will eventually run out. Nuclear energy is the only practical and clean source of energy for the world. In what extend do you agree or disagree? Energy is the most important issue on the world nowadays. Oil was considered the most polular energy that people have ever known but it causes many serious worries include environment problems and runing out significantly.

In several decates, scientists had found out better energies which could be replaced for traditional ones. Nuclear energy was a indispensible achievement of mass research which people believed that it would change the life. However, nuclear energy was used to know as the only practical and clean source of energy, it also had quite serious problems in some cases. Nuclear energy is not only the practical energy for the world, through it was even the most powerful energy on the world.

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Many developed countries in the world used nuclear energy as the main one and be responsible for the most of industries in those countries. In fact over 50 percent of energy production in Europe is from nuclear energy, it also can be sold to other countries, however nuclear energy is not the only practical energy. Other energy sources such as solar, wind, hydropower and wave energy are also practical energy sources.

Many researchs found that solar energy would be practical and endless power in the world, it can be applied in almost countries where sunshine is lasted at least 10 hours per day. Other energy is created by waterfalls called hydropower that had been applying for a long time in many countries while wind and wave energy can be combined together to product a huge amout of energy. Over 70% of the surface area of the planet is covered by the oceans, so the potential of the oceans is very considerable.

Nuclear energy is not only the most powerful energy source but also a good air-clean energy that people have ever known, it can produce energy without exhausting polluted air. However, if nuclear energy is not controled with good technologies and suitable engineerings, it will be very dangerous. Radiation leak was a big problem which caused serious environment matters. People who are affected by radiation, will be suffered terrible sicknesses. They do not only lost their life but also their next generations eventually.

In addition if a nuclear energy plant is detonated, almost of living creatures around over 10 kilometers of the earth’s surface from the explosion and about 500 meters from there to sky such as human, animal, plant and microorganisms will not grow normaly or even live because of the terrible environment includes water, soil and air pollution. In conclusion, nuclear energy is one of the practical and most powerful energies in the world. Other energies can be applied are solar, hydropower, wind and wave energy. It is incomplete clean enery but quite safe if having good control.

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