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Clean Energy Future

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Hosting an Oil on Ice House PartyWhat Are We Trying to Accomplish?Emboldened by the election, President Bush and his allies in Congress have renewed their call to open up the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Senate is expected to vote on this as soon as the week of March 14. This will be an incredibly close vote, with a handful of Senators deciding the fate of this spectacular wilderness. That is why we need to mobilize Americans around the country to speak out for protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and for a cleaner, safer, and more secure energy policy that finally reduces Americas dangerous dependence on oil.

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Clean Energy Future
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And that is why we are asking you to invite your friends and neighbors to watch the enclosed DVD, Oil on Ice, with you. This new documentary puts a human face on this political fight, by portraying the people, wildlife, and natural wilderness that will suffer if Congress votes to open up the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas drilling.

This spring, thousands of people will be meeting in homes like yours around the country to watch Oil on Ice, write letters to their Senators, and join the growing network of Americans dedicated to protecting the Arctic Refuge and moving our country towards energy freedom.

The goal of these house parties to convince politicians that the American people know there is a better way that we do not have to sacrifice our natural heritage to meet Americas energy needs, that we can make America energy independent by investing in cleaner, cheaper and safer energy solutions like building energy-saving hybrid cars and buildings and investing in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. We want our elected officials to understand that its time to free America from the polluting industries of the past and to invest in 21st Century technologies.

Thank you again for taking the time to help fight for a clean energy future.

Organizing Your Oil on Ice House Party

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