Human Services Theory and Applications Course Reflection

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This reflection exhibits the knowledge I have gained in this course of Human Services Theory and Applications. Time has passed and as I reach the end of this course, I am reflecting on my learning in this particular course in the master’s program. My reflection begins by looking at my personal strengths that I have gained from the course. I had a lot of goals and was very enthusiastic to begin my learning. In this paper, I would like to expand on personal strengths and professional development I have achieved since I began.

Personal Strengths and Areas for Growth

The role of the human service professional influences the impact it may have on the family. (Kincaid, S.O. 2009). I am the student that plans throughout my coursework. I have widened my critical thinking skills through research within this course. I seek guidance on information to further my understanding. I challenge myself to research further into the text. To strengthen my knowledge in readings I read daily from the chapters. Through research I learn to identify different writing styles; which has drastically taken my writing to a new level. The service delivery models brought a new understanding to how I can gain a better insight of the clients I work with. The delivery models consist of medical model, public health model, and the human service model (Moffat, C.T. 2011).

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Application of Personal Strengths

In the text it talks about how individuals should not have the expectations of being an expert when working with their clients (Neukrug, 2011). Being in Human Services had always been one of my interest and one of my strengths in helping others. However it has been challenging to take the next step in moving forward in the human service career to advance. Being in the human service field, has opened my mind to further analyze my findings in research. My thought process is sharper and clearer because I have learned how to resolve conflict resolutions. My knowledge of human service has become easier to understand and adapt to the foundational meetings. Another advancement I gained from this course is insight on how all the different theory applications and how it relates to human services. In my studies I have gained awareness of learning how to find peer reviewed journal articles and books throughout the Capella library. In researching information and knowing how to look for creditable information has broaden the scope of my research and my scholarly papers with references that are worthy.

Professional Development Plan

In Human Services, theories are put into action if there are concerns of development, and education (Thompson, Neil, 1955). It is a challenge to sort and point out the gaps in my knowledge as a Human Service major. This is mainly because I have learned valuable information throughout this course as I have studied the material. I do feel certain that I have strengthened my literary as well as my writing skills. Overtime I do feel as if I need to be prepared to use correct grammar and literature in my career. Moving forward I plan to study as necessary so that I am well equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in my professional career.


When I began the human service program years ago, I was interested in being a part of a program that would challenge me, as well as hold me to high expectations and by doing so that would potentially make me a better. This would strengthen my ability in many areas, and the human service program done that. A goal of mine throughout this course was I wanted to find a way to meet the needs strengthen my weaknesses and overcome them with positive results. Now nearing the end of the course I have found that I have greatly benefited from the studies and exceeded some of my goals. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed the program, the past couple of weeks this course has been challenging and overwhelming but overall it has been a great experience. As I end this course I think of it as a continuation for a brighter future ahead.

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