I Believe Essay

I believe that every person should be treated with equal rights. Rights play a huge role in everybody’s life but some people do not realize that not all people are affected positively. Just because it doesn’t affect you in a negative way doesn’t mean it not affecting someone else in a bad way and should be something all of us should be more aware of. Having equal rights means being able to work where ever you want because you’re qualified to work in that field without your sexual orientation or skin color being an issue being the reason you can’t. Everyday I hear people saying things about this being “gay” and other comments about something being “retarded.”

There are a whole lot of words in the English language. What I don’t understand is why people use these certain words to describe something or something that lacks from another persons perspective and what they believe to be “good.”Our Society has came to a point where people think it what they say and how they say things Doesn’t matter that they think they can just make hate comments and think that it doesn’t affect other people. People are usually hurtful towards. I hear and see these types of things everyday people being ignorant and just neglecting the notion that all people are equal. I wish I didn’t see bias, but I do we all do.I often witness people young and old black or white many different races just completely ignoring the fact that we’re the same in some type of way .

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None of us are not born racist, sexist or Homophobic in any type of way at all. We are all born equally the same. So at the end of the day why is this still the main topic of people thinking that someone else’s life is lesser than others? Why do people who are higher up in the world are able get away with certain things that others can’t? is that equality ? Why is a certain religion the “right one “ while a different religion is looked down on or people are against ? What gives other people the right to decide or to judge who I want be in life or what I want to do with my life? The right to be who we want to be belongs to everyone but ourselves . I wish can look around and see a flawless humanity. I believe one day to see that change Because we may be different on the outside but we are all human. Nothing else should define us other than that not race, sex, or sexual orientation.

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