If a Patient Develops a Blood Clot in the Femoral Vein

If a patient develops a blood coagulum in the femoral vena of the left lower limb and a part of the coagulum interruptions free. where is the blood flow probably to transport the embolus? What symptoms are likely? To add to your ideas. the blood flow is likely to transport the embolus to the patient’s lungs. This is called a pneumonic intercalation. Pneumonic intercalations normally originate in the legs. like in this instance. They are caused by a blood coagulum that has traveled to your lungs.

There are a batch of factors that can find what sort of symptoms you have with pneumonic intercalations. For illustration. how much of the patient’s lung is involved in the coagulum. the size of the coagulum. and the patient’s overall wellness — particularly the presence or absence of underlying lung disease or bosom disease. Some common symptoms of a pneumonic intercalation include shortness of breath. coughing. and chest hurting. Shortness of breath is normally the first symptom that occurs and can go on whether you are exerting or merely sitting.

Chest hurting can besides go on when you are merely resting. but will besides acquire worse when you are active. This hurting may experience like you are holding a bosom onslaught. Coughing besides occurs. but can bring forth bloody phlegm. Other symptoms include wheezing. weak pulsation. rapid and irregular pulse. and dizziness that could take to conking. It is really of import that you go the physician instantly if you experience these symptoms. as this can be life endangering.

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