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Impact Of Cell Phones On Society

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“There are more than 3.4 billion cell phone users worldwide which is over half of the world population, making cell phones more common than computers.” Cell phones are a growing sensation that has impacted our society in many ways. An increased in mobility, access to new technology, having a feeling of security, and being able to travel the world and still call at an affordable rate so that we can explore all that life has to offer.
The first mobile phones began to be created in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Those old models are “dinosaurs.

” They had battery packs, a bunch of wires sticking out of them, and weighed about two pounds. Then came “bag phones,” or mobile phones with big antennas that had to be connected to a machine carried around in a bag; But they were not seen very often because they were quite expensive at the time. Then came the marvelous little handheld phone, then flip phones, then came internet with a keyboard, and each day there is something new that is being introduced.

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Impact Of Cell Phones On Society
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Ever since the early 1990s, cell phone use became very popular and has had a major impact on society. When Cell Phones were created they were very limited devices with only calling services. Now, people have many more uses for their cell phones, other than just making the occasional phone call. The mobile phone now has the ability to perform many functions, such as a music player, camera, text messenger, video player, GPS system, and email device. Today, you are more likely to see someone texting on their phone, than you may see them actually speaking into it; Some phones even have a variety of applications you can download, which opens a whole new window of what the phone is capable of doing. All of these options have changed the way we stay connected and how we entertain ourselves. Unlike land-line phones, cell phones often come with data plans that allow you to surf the Internet, play games and listen to music. Cell phones have gone above and beyond being used as a.

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