Internet Technology Threats to Privacy

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This research paper is all about Communication Systems and Internet Technology Threats to Privacy (ITTP). I will be telling you about all the legal issues related to computer and internet technology networks. Identify at least three of the social and ethical issues related to electronic technology systems.


Communication Systems and Internet Technology Threats to Privacy are complex things that not everyone will understand but will have to deal with them in today’s world, almost every day. We will be discussing everything that we can cover about Communication Systems and ITTP. Communication Systems involve telecommunications devices and networks. Internet Technology Threats to Privacy (ITTP) is about the protection of threats to the privacy of the internet.

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Communication Systems is the design, development and maintenance of technology for communications, like telephones and internet. Communication systems are very complex systems that need to be maintained and developing all the time to make it better and more reliable. Communication system is a system that communicates with many hardware and software tools. Communication System uses a bunch of equipment that is integrated into a coherent system. They are made up of equipment like, transmission equipment, relay stations, tributary stations and other data terminal equipment. “A good example of communication system can be a regional emergency response communications system that connects several different cities and allows them to respond to a disaster by integrating systems they have installed for their own police and firefighters.” (Communications Systems)

Today, communication is done through websites, email, phones, social media and much more. There are various different types of communication systems for information between two parties.

Optical Communication System

Optical Communication systems depend on light as the communication. The transmitter converts the information into an optical signal and the signal then reaches the recipient. The recipient takes the signal and responds, and the light helps in the transmission of information, just like landing of helicopters and airplanes. Pilots receive light signals from the ground and communication from the tower and go from there to plan how to safely land the plane or helicopter. Everyone can encounter optical communication systems, like driving down the road. Traffic lights communicate to the driver to immediately stop while the light is red and sends a signal to the driver when the light is green meaning it is safe to go. Communication systems also can be used in fiber-optic cables, radio and even power lines. The more complex systems use these and even some systems also use multiple of them to make it work the best. Another type is duplex communication, which allows both at the same time to communicate with each other.

Radio Communication System

Radio Communication System the information flows with the help of a radio. The system works with a transmitter and a receiver that are equipped with an antenna. A transmitter with an antenna produces signals which are carried through radio carrier waves, also receives the signal through the antenna. Unwanted information is eliminated from the electronic filters in separation of signals. Unwanted signals are amplified to an optimum level to be discarded. The signals are decoded in information that can be heard or read by the party.

Duplex Communication System

Duplex Communication Systems two equipment objects that can send information with each other in either directions at the same time. Think of when you are on the phone, you can hear and talk to them at the same time. The first party sends the signals to the receiver and the other receives it. The communication actually takes place between the speaker and the receiver at the same time. A type of communication system involves the sender and the receiver as the sender is in charge of sending signals and the recipients only to listen and then respond. This can also be called as Simplex Communication System.

Half Duplex Communication System

Half Duplex Communication System is when the two parties can’t communicate at the same time. The sender has to stop sending signals to the second party and then only when the first party is done, the second party can respond back. Just like a walkie talkie, you have to push the button to talk and only when done talking you must release the button and wait for the other to push the button and talk. As the military does, first party starts out by saying a code to make sure the second party is there and listening. Then only after first party responds by pushing the button to talk and then release to listen.

Tactical Communication System

Tactical Communication System varies to the changes in the environmental conditions and other situations. Tactical networks that allow people to stay in communication with the command center, is a great example of communication systems in action. Another great one is like emergency communication systems, which allow the officers and first responders to communication with each other and the public, like by the sirens and lights. Another good one would be automatic call distributor, which takes calls from other people for routing to certain people, which are called the call centers. A lot of places have these so people can call people at businesses that they don’t have the numbers or trying to reach someone out of the country and don’t know where they are.

“Information privacy is the privacy of private information and relates to personal data stored on computer systems. To maintain privacy information is applicable to collected personal information, such as medical record, financial data, criminal records, political records, business related information or website date. Information privacy can be applied in numerous ways, including encryption, authentication and data masking, only accessible by authorized personal. There are three main different types of information privacy.

  • Internet privacy (online privacy): All personal data shared over the Internet is subject to privacy issues. Most websites publish a privacy policy that details the website’s intended use of collected online and/or offline collected data.
  • Financial privacy: Financial information is particularly sensitive, as it may easily use to commit online and/or offline fraud.
  • Medical privacy: All medical records are subject to stringent laws that address user access privileges. By law, security and authentication systems are often required for individuals that process and store medical records.” (Information Privacy)

No body want to have their information stole and in today’s world you need to have everything on the internet. You have your online banking, credit card information, social security, etc. This makes it a lot for people to access their money and their information. Also, there is no paper trail, meaning that you won’t have to carry your papers and cards everywhere, everything is on your phone in the internet. This makes it crucial for people to be aware of all the Internet Technology Threats to Privacy. Everyday there are more and more identities stole and that is mainly because they steal your information from the internet. Now, there are systems that protect majority of your information or makes it more difficult for hackers to get your information. “Advances in the information technology threaten privacy has reduced the amount of control over personal data and open up the possibility of a range of negative consequences as a result of access to personal data.” (Hoven, Blaauw, Pieters, & Wrnier, 2014). In this century, we are called the “Big Data” and advanced information technology that allows storage and processing of exabytes of data.

Businesses probably have the most concern and the biggest problems because they have the most information of all their employees and customers. It is very important that businesses have the best technology to protect their data or hackers can break in and steal all of the employees and customers information, which will destroy the company and most likely become a lawsuit. “The combination of increasing power of new technology and the declining clarity and agreement on privacy give rise to problems concerning law, policy and ethics.” (Hoven, Blaauw, Pieters, & Warnier, 2014).


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