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Problem of Internet Privacy Essay



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    The Internet is a resource that connects people from all over the world. In most parts of the world, the internet is free. With free internet, however, there comes a price. A lot of data from the internet is stored onto a local server, so it is vulnerable to hackers. Without proper knowledge and education, people are bound to lose more than personal data. To contain this issue, computer scientists have been researching about internet privacy. Hackers are the main perpetrators in violating internet privacy. They track personal data without permission and use it against other people.


    Do you protect your privacy online? Our society has developed in many styles in such one implies technology. Technology has advanced our information less hidden. Results within us should be more cautious with safety on the internet. Internet and its modern advancements have devised different kinds of crimes that can occur, but this has additionally provided excellent and contemporary access to commit old crimes. Internet safety is necessary to guard our privacy, protect us from the scam, and from viruses that could damage technology. Internet privacy is essential because we need to save our information private. The world should be cautious about identity theft, tracking, and want to look for future protection.

    Identity Theft

    ‘The term identity theft describes the criminal acts through which the offender obtains and uses the identity of another person fraudulently.’Identity theft means the entirety of these numerous widely used offenses, which include the use of individual data by other people. These illegal actions may be taken out by the usage of data and information technology. The problem with identity fraud done on the internet becomes extensive, meaning based on new scams, producing problems for the authority enforcing groups. There is no approved meaning concerning identity theft. The particularly factor seen in some explanations concerning identity theft is that provided out in various forms, which broadly explained inside this research. It means some are stealing someone’s identification meanwhile which someone represents to imply someone else on pretending that individual identity, typically to obtain personal data, usually to access private data or get credit and another benefit in this person’s identity. On the internet, somebody would take some people’s data from others working over their trash in expectations of obtaining records that say some person’s SSN, name, residence, phone number, date of birth usually for financial gain. Most of us do not believe twice regarding providing our account card number rather confidential data across this internet.


    Network tracking means the method by which websites recognize and gather data regarding websites. Search is commonly in process concerning some subset of browsing records. ‘The use of tracking technologies to collect data about web users and their online behavior has played an essential role in the development of the web.’ Whenever someone uses the internet, they leave any history of those websites they visit, onward among individuals, and everything match. The track that data and several websites store a short section of data fixed hidden things, or do users report and device configuration. In some instances, our web browsing actions also any data regarding us shared within various sites. The information that websites receive from us gives them pretty required to know everything about us. And hackers go through these sites; they can utilize all the data. These cookies are little digital applications sites use to track what visitors do and wherever they go. Not every cookie is terrible. Some have a good purpose, like the one you have to fill in your details. They remember details, so you don’t have to keep reentering it. Third-party cookies are the ones that cause trouble. These cookies are not originating from the site visit but instead sent by advertisers. They track you over the internet and sell everything your accomplices to advertisers, who are desperate to convince you to part with your money.

    Future Protection

    The internet touches so many ways in our life. Several ways can protect future protection on online privacy. There are several offenders over there that try to abuse our online life with entering our data for their personal, criminal needs. Some regarding the actions to guard our internet privacy is antivirus software, protect against identity theft, update your cookies, turn off your GPS, and using private browsing modes. Antivirus software signifies needed to all computers or phones, but of whether this connected on this internet or not. Identification theft remains one regarding some methods that online criminals get used to all the information collected on a person.


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