Is a Multi-Cultural Society a Blessing?

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“A multi-cultural society is a blessing” . This is an averment alleged by many. But is it true? Does the old ordinance “The more. the better” truly number here? And what on Earth is a multi-cultural society? A multi-cultural society is a society incorporating several representations of different civilizations. To understand it better. we besides will necessitate to be cognizant of what both a society and a civilization truly is. Harmonizing to Wikipedia. a society is: a population of worlds characterized by forms of relationships between persons that portion a typical civilization and/or establishments. And so you have a civilization. which is a manner of life. including traditions. manners. eating wonts. and non least beliefs and faith. which I am traveling to travel farther into. This list could travel on everlastingly. but for you sake. it will non. this clip. So at that place you have the rudimentss. Now. allow us plunge deeper into to whether this supplication is true or non.

From my point of position. or allow us state from the article’s point of position. the whole world’s population together non merely forms one. great society. but a multi-society. And in this society. there are Native Indians. Africans. Asians. hapless people. rich people Christians and Buddhists. and so on. You will decently inquire how and where all these civilizations originated. Well. the first points I guess you can conceive of yourselves. But when we move on to faith. it all comes down to the East. 1000s of old ages before Christ. This is besides the beginning of God or Gods. as many of us still believe in. Polytheism. Pantheism and Monotheism are considered being the first beliefs with spiritual properties as we know it today. These phenomenas have evolved. and besides created new types of beliefs. and these beliefs. or faiths. are the chief differences between the planetary civilizations.

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So now we can get down discoursing the phrase “A multi-society is a blessing” . with faith as a cardinal word. All known faiths promote peace. and tells us to avoid force at all costs. Still. I will claim and fault faith for most of the wars and struggles of all time occurred on this planet. If you study profoundly into the grounds of many of the greatest wars. you will detect that different positions on life. beliefs. will be involved in the cause of the terrorizing force. When people have different beliefs. they besides have different sentiments of what is right and incorrect. Therefore. there will be misinterpretations. ensuing struggles. Now how can we avoid these struggles break outing? As Martin Luther King said ; it is natural to fear the unknown. therefore. acquire to cognize the unknown. and each other’s point of view. ( Magnus Pettersen. last paragraph. Note: This is non an exact quotation mark of Martin Luther King. merely a pointer. )

But of class. now I make religion sound like the root to all immorality. and that it merely destroys the society. which it is non right. Religion can be a good thing excessively. it merely depends on what you make out of it. I myself am an atheist. a individual who does non believe in any God or over natural power. and I got to acknowledge. I long for the comfort of “knowing” that when I die. I will be reborn. or stop up in Eden. So it is apprehensible that people search for this composure in different faiths. You excessively decently believe in something. even if you do non see yourself as spiritual.

So to the inquiry. what good does faiths make to our society? It adds several positions on why we worlds are here. what the significance of life is and what happens to us after decease. inquiries that are healthy for us to inquire about. It besides teaches us. as mentioned before. to populate in peace. and avoid force. After all. most faiths have their nucleus axiom “Treat others the same manner you want them to handle you” . ( Bible. Luke 6:31 )

I think we can reason that a multi-culture both can be a approval. and a life snake pit. It all depends on how literally you take your ain. and other’s civilization. if you are unfastened for other’s points of positions. and if you can populate knowing that people around you ever will hold different ways to populate their ain life.


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