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Is It a Risk Worth Taking

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    Hearing the word Risk, the first thing that may come to mind is all the different risks you took throughout your life. Every decision you’ve ever made in your life is a risk you decided was worth taking. Taking risks are unpredictable, you never know where it may leave you. It may leave you with nothing or maybe even everything. I believe that the biggest risks in life you may encounter is the vulnerability to falling in love, choosing your companions growing up, and one of the biggest ones, not taking risks at all.

    You may be thinking, what could you possibly lose when falling in love goes wrong for you? Speaking from experience, I took a risk falling in love with someone who had a “bad reputation” when it came to relationships. I lost faith in hopes of being happy, lost my motivation to work for the things that I wanted, I couldn’t take back the time and money I spent, and most of all I forgot how to love myself. I would spend nights wondering where I would be right now, had I never experienced heartbreak. However, I eventually became grateful for what I went through because without it I wouldn’t be the strong, independent woman I am today.

    An old saying goes “A man is known by the company he keeps”. It is very important for our well being to have a group of good friends influencing you in a beneficial way as you grow up. In addition to that, there is a saying that your parents repeatedly say to you as you grow up, most especially throughout high school. “Choose your friends wisely”. Deciding to affiliate yourself with a group of friends who don’t want the best for your mental health and your future success is a very big risk to take. On my behalf, my best friends are one of the reasons I am striving so hard to be successful. They continually support me everyday and remind me that I am never alone.

    Taking risks are essential to growth. They sometimes define who we are and tests our strengths. However, many people tend to play it safe because it is the better bet. Playing it safe ensures that you won’t fail, but it also means you won’t make any improvements to who you are and what you’ve accomplished. A study shows that risk takers end up more satisfied with their lives and more happy with where they are. Taking a risk to achieve a goal teaches you how to be courageous. Regardless of the outcome, we grow throughout the process and possibly discover things about yourself that you never knew you could manage.

    To conclude, The outcome of taking risks may be determined depending on the circumstances that you are in. The only way to truly appreciate the things gained and lost in life is by taking risks. Have you ever heard of the saying “You win some, You lose some”. Even if you fail, you’ll walk away with more experience and more knowledge, which can lead you to further prosperity in the future.

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