The True Worth of College Education

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College has become a social norm in many societies although its overall benefit is being questioned by many applicants. With college tuition rates at an all time high and an increasing amount of college graduates are unable to find a job in their field; it is expected that many ask “Is College Worth It?”. Although college will be an economic burden and is a full time commitment it will ultimately benefit you in the long run and provide you with opportunities and success in the future. Through the use of statistics it will become obvious that becoming a college graduate is a step in the right direction.

Statistics prove that college graduates make an estimated $500,000 more than non graduates in their lifetime. Therefor for anyone looking at the long term benefits this investment in your education definitely pays off, giving an almost %500 return on your original investment. Although many individuals look at the short term effect of the investment, Right out of college the majority of graduates are financially unstable and buried in student loans. Many are in such a difficult situation that they look for something to blame it on. Oftentimes their college education is the first to be blamed. A common misconception among Americans is that college is the gateway to the middle class. Statistics prove that is is inaccurate. To be considered middle class in New York State one must have an annual income of approximately $70,000. The average college graduate make approximately $54,000 annually. This clearly proves that a college education does not guarantee that an individual will be considered a middle class citizen. College simply helps create more opportunities it is up to the student to take advantage of them. The ultimate question to students who are looking to pursue a college education is; does opportunity triumph expense? My response would be yes, the opportunity to be successful is priceless and does triumph the expense of colleges throughout the country.

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Tuition prices have reached an all time high in recent years. The increasing belief in the fact that college is a necessity has given schools more demand therefor allowing them to drastically raise prices. Colleges have also used financial aid to filter out lower income families. This allows colleges to charge the financially successful families a much steeper tuition price. While many may feel this is perfectly fine, there is definitely a moral dilemma behind it. It blatantly takes advantage of those who have seen more financial success. For this reason I believe tuition price and financial aid should be more heavily regulated by the government. The government can put an end to the large increase in tuition prices, as well as making financial aid a more morally accepted process. Overall I believe college is worth the time and money put into it. It provides you with priceless opportunities and statistics show that it will give you a large return on your money. I also believe the government should be more involved with tuition prices to prevent moral conflicts.

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