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Jackson: Hero or Villain?

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  • Pages 2
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    The years between 1829 and 1837 have been called “Age of Jacksonian Democracy” as well as “The Era of the Common Man. ” However, these titles were not necessarily correct as America was far from a democracy; women could not vote and were still inferior to men, free blacks were still considered below white citizens, and slavery was growing in the south. Jackson was a highly controversial president, for good reason due to his massacre of thousands, but was actually a great American and president who attempted to protect individual liberty, the Constitution, political democracy, and promote equality of economic opportunity.

    Jackson did guard the Constitution quite extensively, much to the dismay of Henry Clay. One great example of this is when Jackson denied the bill to build roads throughout Kentucky with federal funds because he said that the Constitution forbade federal aid for state projects. This can be supported in Document I. Another example would be when Jackson denied the bill for the National Bank because he claimed that a national bank was not within the constitution.

    President Andrew Jackson did his best to promote political democracy. This can be partially explained by his upbringing, as well as from his first loss due for presidency due to the corrupt bargain. For these reasons, once Jackson won his presidency, he did his best to insure that the working class had equal power as rich. One example of this is when he denied the idea of the National Bank because he said that it would give more power to the rich, and he did not like that.

    Jackson believed that the working class should have an equal say in government. Jackson attempted to protect the individual liberties of U. S. citizens through document A, D, C, and H. Jackson wanted to protect the working men’s rights and liberties because he had experienced the life of the working man, and knew the hardships that they faced. Andrew also attempted to keep the rich from controlling the poor and middle class, especially because of his dislike for the rich and their corruption.

    President Jackson may have had his flaws, but he did his best to protect the U. S. Constitution, political democracy, individual liberties, and the equality of economic opportunity. This can be seen throughout his entire presidency all the way up to the present. Though Andrew Jackson was a highly controversial president, he had the values of his citizens at the top of his list and did his best to improve them.

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