Christopher columbus hero or villain Essay

Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain “1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. ” We all have been hearing this saying ever since we were little. Is he really a hero? He found a new world and Jump started an age of exploration like no other. After he found the Americas there was massive colonization, giant trade increases and more resources. Europeans learned new ways, helping agriculture and exploration boom, but the answer is no. Columbus is a villain. After reading this paper I will have you convinced that he is a villain cause the destruction to the Native culture.

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Christopher columbus hero or villain
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The voyages of Christopher Columbus eventually destroyed and absolutely ruined Native American culture forever. Due to the discovery of the Americas, the Taints were overcome by severe disease. The Spanish having immune blood cells making it easier to shake off their sickness, but the natives did not. Disease was the worst component for the natives. (According to an article Christopher Columbus, Hero and Villain) no resistance to European ailments, the Taint succumbed to smallpox and typhoid in droves.

Numbers had dropped from 400,000 to a few hundred. In another article written by John Elson he states “between 1492 and 1514, as a result of disease and accumulated atrocities, the native talon population shrank from an estimated 8 million to 28,000. ” Some people may call Christopher Columbus the Hitler of the 14th and 15th century. In the same article the say that the Taint population went extinct in 1560. Exaction and Violence was another reason why the Taint culture was shut down. After discovering the New World, Columbus set sail back to Europe bringing many sources along 6 Native Taints.

He showed the Queen what he had discovered and was Instantly named admiral. He was sent back to the New World with seventeen ships, and up to fifteen-hundred men. The overall goal was to convert the Natives to become Christian, but Columbus soaked gold. Columbus crew enslaved and raped many of the innocent Natives. They didn’t bring women over with them so forced marriages also took place. Some crew members realized that they hadn’t landed in Asia, but Columbus forced them to lie. Those who disobeyed were executed.

In an article It says that Columbus set a goal for each boy over 14 to go out and hunt for gold. The set goal was 14 a quota each day. The slaves who failed had their hands cut off; resistance took place they were instantly killed. Lastly, Genocide was the final reason. In an article he says what Columbus had done was worse than Hitler. In the Taints perspective they saw Columbus as a dangerous, selfish, and powerful man. When Columbus first arrived in the Bahamas he described the population to be gentle and generosity of heart.

What possess a man to kill, rape, and take advantage of these poor people? Columbus had wiped out a majority of the Native Taint population and as a result of his discoveries at the new world he paid his dues and was arrested and eventually killed. But on his way back from his second journey after finding slim amounts of gold, he had captured five-hundred natives and shipped them back to Europe. A majority of the five-hundred had died on the route back to Spain. Columbus had killed almost seven-million Taints. Destroying their culture, ivies, and families.

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