Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison

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Jane Eyre and Helen Burns, dear companions at Lowood, possess differing perspectives on the world. Each of them faces unique treatment and copes with punishments in a manner that suits them best. Although both hold their faith dear, they recognize that it cannot wholly resolve the challenges they encounter. Consequently, they rely on each other for support throughout their stay at Lowood. Despite the school’s unjust nature and its demanding treatment of the girls, they remain steadfast in their individuality.

Jane and Helen have contrasting personalities. Jane is rebellious, while Helen is more conforming. Jane possesses self-worth, dignity, a commitment to justice and principles, trust in god, and a passionate disposition. Additionally, she is intelligent, honest, and plain-looking, facing oppression, inequality, and hardship. On the other hand, Helen demonstrates strength and intellectual maturity. Like Jane, Helen is imaginative and stubborn. However, Helen’s submissive and ascetic nature emphasizes Jane’s strong-willed character. Both Jane and Helen are orphans yearning for a home and fair treatment. While Helen believes her home is in Heaven rather than Northern England, Jane desires love and freedom. Jane dislikes mistreatment and is always ready to retaliate. Similarly, Helen disapproves of cruel punishment but accepts it as an inevitable occurrence. She endures her miserable life with passive dignity that Jane struggles to understand. Jane yearns for understanding from others. Consequently, Helen serves as a more mature version of Jane as she navigates through life by handling situations assertively.

Both Jane Eyre and Helen Burns rely on their faith to endure their life at Lowood, although they have different approaches. Helen represents a form of Christianity that emphasizes tolerance and acceptance, placing her trust in her own faith and choosing to overlook the policies at Lowood. She firmly believes in God’s ultimate judgment, where good will be rewarded and evil punished. In contrast, Jane does not blindly follow such faith but instead seeks support and guidance from God as she searches for love and happiness. Despite their differences, both Jane and Helen face similar struggles at Lowood and seek help from each other while relying on their faith. Although they may disapprove of how they are treated, they cope with life’s challenges by listening to their hearts and trusting in themselves and each other.

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