“The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen” and “The Tenant of Wildlife Hall”

In “The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen” we read about a young beautiful woman who has just written her first novel. At first glance she looks very sophisticated. She seems intelligent, ambitious and convinced that she will have a bright future as a writer. Later on we understand that the young woman is very self-centered. She only talks about her own problems, and does to pay attention to anyone else’s.

Her future and career seems to be what is most important, and therefore she does not listen to her fiancé. “He said, ‘but my uncle… ‘ You know you don’t get on with him. This way we shall be quite independent. ‘ You, will be independent,’ he said grudgingly'(Streams in literature IPPP) On the other hand we have got Mrs. Graham from ‘The tenant of Wildlife Hall”, who is not self-centered at all. She is a lady that lets her life revolve completely around her son Arthur. She is very protective of her child and goes everything in her power to separate him from the evil of the world.

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She is confident about what she is doing and will not trust anyone else’s opinion. “but you left him to come to church. ‘ ‘Yes, once; but I would not have left him for any other purpose; and I think, in future, must contrive to bring him with me, or stay at home. M (Streams in literature Pl 18) On the contrary we again have the young writer. She is always listening to her publisher Mr. Dwight, who she believes knows what is best for her. She is so convinced about this that she even changes the title of her book in accordance to Mr..

Thigh’s wishes. She seems to trust people before they have given her reason to. Agreed. I do think that with a first novel one should try’ to keep one’s publisher happy. Especially when, really, Hess going to pay for our marriage, isn’t he? ” (Streams in literature IPPP) Again there is a big difference between these women. In fact Mrs. Graham does not trust or listen to anyone just like that. It seems like something has happened in her past, which now makes her protective of her son. She is afraid to let him out in the world without her protection.

She seems sure that she would not like the type of man her child then would become. “and why should I take it for granted that my son will be one in a thousand – and not rather prepare for the worst, and suppose he will be like his – like the rest of mankind, unless I take care to prevent it? ” (Streams in literature IPPP) myself have had , indeed, but few incentives to what the world call vice, but yet I have experienced temptations and trials of another, that have required, on many occasions, more watchfulness and firmness to resist, than I have other been able to muster against them. ‘(Streams in literature IPPP )

Then we have the young writer again who, the other way around, seems to be positive about what the world has to offer. She does not see anything that could go wrong in her plans of having a great career as a writer. She seems to be thinking of the world as her oyster. The reason for why she is acting this way might be because of her background. The narrator describes her as a girl that belongs to the upper classes which could mean that she is used to have things going her way. My next novel is going to be about the SST Tropez. ‘l didn’t know you’d ever been there. ‘ ‘l haven’t. A fresh eye’s terribly important. I thought we might settle down there for six months. “‘(Streams in literature Pl 27)

Conclusion Mrs. Graham and the young writer does not have a lot in common. While Mrs. Graham devotes all of her time on her son and his future, the young writer does not seem to care about anyone but herself and her future. She seems a bit naive about her future. She is certain that it all will go her way and that she will become a great writer.

She listens to every word her publisher says and without second thought she buys it. Mrs. Graham on the other hand, seems not to be interested in other people’s opinions. She does not seem to think of the world as such a positive place as the young writer does. Mrs. Graham does neither trust people as easy as the young writer does. It seems like Mrs. Graham is able to see that bad things can happen in the future, this is a quality that the young writer does not have. Even though we don’t know much about Mrs. Grahams past, it seems to be the reason for her being very retroactive of her son.

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