“The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen” and “The Tenant of Wildlife Hall”

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“The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen” introduces us to a young and attractive woman who has recently completed her debut novel. At first sight, she appears refined and cultivated, exuding an air of intelligence and determination, strongly believing in her promising prospects as a writer. However, as the story progresses, we come to realize that this young woman is significantly self-absorbed. Her conversations solely revolve around her own difficulties, oblivious to the concerns of others.

The main focus for her is her future and career, causing her to ignore her fiancé’s words. He mentions, “but my uncle… You know you don’t get on with him. This way we shall be quite independent.” Reluctantly, he acknowledges that she will be the one experiencing independence (Streams in literature IPPP). In contrast, Mrs. Graham from ‘The tenant of Wildlife Hall’ is completely different. She is not self-centered and instead revolves her life entirely around her son Arthur. She fiercely protects her child and does everything in her power to shield him from the world’s evils.

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She is confident in her actions and disregards others’ opinions. “but you left him to come to church.” “Yes, once; but I wouldn’t have left him for anything else; and from now on, I’ll have to find a way to bring him with me or stay at home.” (Streams in literature Pl 18) On the other hand, we see the young writer once again. She constantly listens to her publisher, Mr. Dwight, whom she believes knows what’s best for her. She is so convinced of this that she even changes the title of her book to align with Mr. Dwight’s suggestions.

Thigh’s desires. She displays a tendency to place trust in individuals even before they have proved themselves worthy. I concur. I believe that for a debut novel, it is important to maintain a positive relationship with one’s publisher. Particularly because, ultimately, he will be funding our wedding, will he not? (Streams in literature IPPP) Once again, there exists a substantial contrast between these women. Specific to Mrs. Graham, she neither trusts nor heeds others easily. It appears that an event from her past has instilled a sense of protectiveness towards her son. She fears allowing him to venture into the world without her safeguarding.

According to the text from “Streams in Literature IPPP,” the narrator expresses uncertainty about the type of man her child will become. She questions why she should assume that he will be exceptional and instead considers preparing for the worst and assuming he will be like other men unless she intervenes. The narrator admits to having limited personal experiences with what society considers as vice, yet she has faced various temptations and challenges that have demanded greater vigilance and strength to resist than what she typically possesses.

The young writer, on the contrary, appears to have a positive outlook on life and is confident in her aspirations of becoming a successful writer. She sees limitless potential in the world and does not perceive any obstacles in achieving her goals. This optimism may stem from her privileged background, as the narrator mentions that she comes from the upper class and is accustomed to getting her way. As stated in the novel, my next literary work will revolve around SST Tropez. ‘I didn’t know you had been there.’ ‘I haven’t. A fresh perspective is incredibly important. I thought we could reside there for half a year.’ “(Streams in literature Pl 27)”

Conclusion: Mrs. Graham and the young writer have little in common. Mrs. Graham focuses solely on her son and his future, whereas the young writer appears self-centered and ignorant about her own future. She remains convinced that everything will align in her favor, leading her to achieve greatness as a writer.

She is attentive towards her publisher’s words and readily accepts them, while Mrs. Graham appears uninterested in others’ opinions and perceives the world as less favorable compared to the optimistic young writer. Unlike the writer, Mrs. Graham is not as quick to trust people. She possesses a discerning ability to recognize potential future misfortunes, a quality lacking in the young writer. Although little is known about Mrs. Graham’s past, it seems to influence her cautious behavior towards her son.

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