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Just Intonation vs. Equal Temperament


Words: 499 (2 pages)

Definition of Key Terms Just intonation is defined as any musical temperament or tuning system in which ratios of whole numbers make frequencies of notes interrelated. Therefore, any interval being tuned in similar way is defined as just interval. The two notes between the intervals are members of the same harmonic series.  Just intonation is…

National Occupational Standards


Words: 996 (4 pages)

National occupational standards (NOS) assert good practice for support staff, providing a concrete framework detailing how the roles and responsibilities of support staff in schools can be undertaken in a competent manner. Furthermore, NOS describe the knowledge and understanding that is required in order to be competent in a support role. In addition, the NOS…

Combination stores sell toys


Words: 1274 (6 pages)

These initiatives included the closing of 50 toy stores in the international division, predominantly in continental Europe, and 9 in the U. S. That did not meet the company’s return on investment goals. It also closed 31 Kids “R”Us stores and converted 28 nearby U. S. Toy stores into combination stores. Combination stores sell toys…

Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd


Words: 3698 (15 pages)

1. Executive Summary Recently, there is a fiasco in the China milk powder market. Most of the famous local milk powders have been found melamine, which has caused many deaths. As it is observed that there is in lack of a safety and afford milk powder for the ordinary households in China, as being a socially…

Obstacles to National Unity


Words: 996 (4 pages)

The obstacles to national unity Racial Inequality, Social Inequality, Religious inequality… etc (1)Regionalism/Separatism (ii) Linguism (iii) Casteism and (iv) communalism. (i) Regionalism/Separatism: Regionalism or Separatism is the most advance obstacle in the way of National Unity and development. Above all regionalism and separatism are threatening to balkanize the country. Aggressive regionalism has gravely undermined the…

The Meaning and Significance of the Incarnation


Words: 2696 (11 pages)

The Meaning and Significance of the IncarnationIntroductionThe incarnation of Jesus Christ is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, amazing event that has happened in the history of mankind. In it is revealed many glorious attributes of the Triune God, particularly, His unconditional, condescending love and His abundance of mercy to an undeserving…

“Inference to the Best Explanation” as an Inferential Strategy


Words: 4255 (18 pages)

            In order to discuss why ‘Inference to the Best Explanation’(IBE) is convincing but would not be capable of persuading Popper to accept it as an inferential strategy, I will first analyze Popper and build towards a necessary understanding of his most important theorizations.             Once such an understanding is assumed and organized in a…

Mulatto Nation: Unique Perspective on Race and Racial Identity


Words: 1933 (8 pages)

Mulatto nation Identities are fluid and in a constant state of motion.  Danzy Senna calls it the “age of fluidity” and children of mixed race – people who have one parent who is black, while the other white, Asian any combination of the three – have a unique perspective on race, racial identity and most…

Wal-Mart’s International Expansion


Words: 690 (3 pages)

 What are some of Wal-Mart’s FSAs? To what extent are these FSAs location-bound or internationally transferable? Some FSA’s of Wal-Mart is EDLP (it’s ‘everyday low price’ philosophy) and its so-called ‘exceptional service’ (it customer-service)1. EDLP is in general internationally transferable because they could just transfer their low-price products from China and India. However, it was…

Eliminationist Anti-Semitism


Words: 2095 (9 pages)

Over the years, the amount of research on the Holocaust has piled up; many phenomenal published works from scholars on the topic have largely gone unnoticed, ignored by the general public—then, Daniel Goldhagen arrived. Few books have managed to rival the attention that Goldhagen received for his book Hitler’s Willing Executioners. Written in 1996, his…

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What is a Nation essay?
A nation is body of persons inhabiting a definite territory and thus united to one another because they belong to the same country. These persons constituting a nationality are drawn from a number of different races or breeds which, after wandering in many places, got settled down in a particular territory. Read More:
What is nation and example?
The definition of a nation is a body of people in a particular location with a distinct government. An example of nation is the United States. ... A relatively large group of people organized under a single, usually independent government; a country. Read More:
What nation means to you?
Nation may refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history. However, it can also refer to people who share a common territory and government irrespective of their ethnic make-up; that is, a nation state. Read More:
Why is a nation important?
Nations are one of the most important sources and repositories of political power in the modern world. They are bound up with the formation of nation-statesnation-statesA nation state is a political unit where the state and nation are congruent. It is a more precise concept than "country", since a country does not need to have a predominant ethnic group. ... In a more general sense, a nation state is simply a large, politically sovereign country or administrative territory. Nation state and as such have helped to define the national scale as preeminent in the division of human beings and space. Read More:

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