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Justin Basinger and William Hicke

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Basinger Hickey 1Justin Basinger and William HickeySeptember 25, 2001OpinionSadistic ZealotsThe acts of terrorists on September 11, 2001, demolished two important Americanbuildings and executed thousands of innocent victims. This united Americans, both tomourn the loss of lives and to fight back against international terrorism. Howeverunforgivable, this attack was not a senseless act of violence by sadistic zealots. Apparently, the terrorists were not aware of the long-term consequences of their actions. The brainwashed crusaders may not have even known the motivation for the attack butwere blindly following a twisted act of eccentric Muslims.

In either case, serious short andlong-term reactions will ensue until ultimately, a peaceful resolution will result or theworld will be at war.

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Justin Basinger and William Hicke
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The causes of this atrocious terrorism are numerous and date back to biblicalhistory when freedom fighters were misguided by radical factions, such as the zealots whofought Roman domination while Christ sought peace. In the present, one of the chiefcauses is Americas gift of approximately three billion dollars to Israel each year.

Thismoney and support is then used to help the Israeli Army fight an endless territorial waragainst Palestine. The result is anti-US. demonstrations in Palestine and other Arabcountries. The arsenals used by Israelis to attack Palestine were obtained throughAmerican aid. US technology has provided for easy international travel and contemporarybuildings and cities produce easy targets to kill innocent victims with one mighty blow.

Therefore, when people ask today what Americans did to deserve this, the answer wouldbe simple. America entwined itself into a war over hallowed ground. Hoping to be amediator, it did not realize that it is in no place to proctor such a violent bonanza. Basinger Hickey 2The reactions of Americans to the terrorism were what everyone expected. Aninitial fear of certain doom was followed by remorse and grief for the loss of lives. Nextcame the nationwide sacred oath of revenge, one that was shared by the President of theUnited States. He vowed vengeance on the perpetrators of the attack. Among theindividual Americans, no consensus is available on what they feel needs to be done. Extremists feel that the only way to rectify this situation is to sacrifice all Arab countries.

Others hope that there is no need for any more violence, as it can only escalate into evenmore trouble for targeted countries. For instance, perhaps the solution will be found bybringing Osama bin Ladin and his cult of kamikaze bandits to justice other then executingmillions of innocent Arabs with a bomb. The solution may not be in either of these twoextremes but somewhere in between. Only time may tell what the future holds for all ofhumanity.

A bold action such as this, upon two of Americas symbols of economy anddefense, can only be expected to create grave consequences. One could not possiblyexpect to attack and kill this many innocent civilians without being reprimanded, especiallywhen these civilians are part of the most powerful economic and military systems in theworld. These consequences may become part of everyday life for Americans, as they maybe forced to forfeit everyday rights. For example, a young boy that wants to persue hisfuture in owning a small business my be denied that right due to a draft that is required bythe military. Soon, things such as international ID cards and frequent metal detector testscould become commonplace. Many Americans may not want to accept these changes butthey may play a crucial role in curbing future terrorism. As for the people who committedthis terrorism, they will have to live in constant fear that they are being monitored orsearched for by many soldiers. Because of these worldwide changes, all future attempts atterrorism will be extremely difficult to succeed. If these changes do not prevent furtherattacks, more security will be implemented and more rights will have to be forfeited.

Basinger Hickey 3In any case, after this calamity on September 11, 2001, the American Constitutionstill holds strong, allowing Americans to maintain every right possible. Another objectivefor America is to observe and sustain foreign rights and policies without alienatingreligious beliefs or previously set governmental standards. The most important thing for allUS citizens to remember is that a country is only as strong as its citizens and so we mustall stick together to overcome hard times. In the end, America and its allies will prevail orthe world may not remain safe for anyone, in any country.

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